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Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards kids craft

from Colleen of Sugar Aunts

Thanksgiving is nearing and we are getting the house ready.  So much Thanksgiving crafting is happening at school and at home!  We made this Thanksgiving Kid's Craft recently so the Thanksgiving dinner table would have a special touch from the kids.

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards kids craft

Supplies needed:
Contact Paper
Clothes pins
Googly Eyes
Foam sheet pieces (orange)
felt pieces (red)
Brown paint

Time of completion: This project took several hours, allowing for the paint and glue to dry.

Start the project by cutting feather shaped pieces from the contact paper.  Older children can do this, especially if the shape is drawn on the contact paper.  A younger child (or those with fine motor control difficulties) may require an adult to provide hand-over-hand assistance with the scissors.  Cutting contact paper is a great task for children gaining confidence and skill in cutting.  The paper is thin and glossy, requiring increased scissor control.  The challenge of cutting the leaves along lines is a great way to work on line awareness with cutting.

Next, we peeled the backing from the contact paper.  Big Sister (age 6) was able to do this with just a little help.  Baby Girl (age 2) required total assistance to peel the backing.  This is great fine motor task.  Pinching the backing from the contact paper requires great fine motor dexterity and tip to tip pincer grasp. 

Once the backs were peeled, we used our glitter glue sticks to paint right onto the sticky side of the contact paper.  It didn't take much glitter glue to decorate the feathers.  Younger children may need assistance with this task, or would benefit from sticking bits of tissue paper to the contact paper instead of using glitter glue.

We then stuck another feather shaped piece of contact paper onto of the glitter glue.  So, the glitter was sandwiched between two contact paper feathers.  They looked pretty neat...and very sparkly!  This step required some time to allow the glitter glue to dry.

While our feathers were drying, we painted our clothes pins with brown paint.  Baby Girl really enjoyed this part of the project.  She is a big fan of anything painting!

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards kids craft

After waiting a bit for the paint to dry, we glued googly eyes, the foam beak shape, and felt wattle onto one end of the clothes pin. 

On the other side, we put a stripe of glue.  This would hold the feathers in place.  (We ended up realizing that we put the glue and facial features on the wrong end of the clothes pin.  Luckily we figured this out before the glue dried.  A quick wipe of the glue, and we were able to reposition everything to the other end of the clothes pin!  Oops!)

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards kids craft

This turkey is starting to look pretty cute!  It took quite a while for the glue to dry and the feathers to stay in place.  If you lay the turkey flat and let it dry, the contact paper will adhere to the clothes pin with glue.  Just give it time and try not to pick up your little turkey to check on his cuteness too often!

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards kids craft

Once the turkey's feathers were dry, we cut a little circle from construction paper to make the name tag for our Thanksgiving dinner place cards.  The clothes pin will stand up on end and pinch the paper to hold the name.  

Note: this craft is in no way calling "Grandma" a turkey ;)

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