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DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

from Alvina of There's Magic Out There

Me and my munchkin have been thinking a lot about our local heroes. With so much happening in the world with disastrous acts of nature near us and even in our own city we have had to talk about who we can turn to for help and who is there for us. With help from my munchkin we made our own theater and finger puppets to be able to talk about these situations in a more kid friendly light. 
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

To make your own theater:

Start with a plain cardboard box cutting off the edges from one side. 

After plan out an area for a childs or adults arm to go through. So I cut out a section in the back of the box and floor which is where now a person can stick there arm or hand in.

Next I used white paper to cover all the inside pieces of the box as well as the outside so as to now have an area to decorate and create our scenery.

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
While an adult prepares the "theater" box you can have your child paint some scenery. I asked my son to make me some trees and a house and outside scenery. Using his paint brushes and some paint he had a bunch of sheets done that we could cut from and use to glue on to the box. This will be a lot easier than drawing or painting directly onto the box because of the smallness of space within it and how cramped it would be to paint directly onto it.
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
Next we used this fun dress up sticker roll that have people, accessories, vehicles and more on each sheet. They fit perfectly with our theme. We used the policemen and firefighters and their vehicles to make it more realistic. This helped out a lot and would be great for the younger kids who aren't able to draw these images yet. My kiddo loved playing with the stickers and planning out where they would go. But if it was up to him there would have also been dragons everywhere! 
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
After placing some fun stickers around the area we filled in some gaps with marker and then I made the outside curtain freehand with construction paper.
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
I finished it off with alphabet letter stickers that I used to write on there the title of our show! Fun and easy and of course your kiddo can do it! 
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
Next we worked on our finger puppets. Using special origami paper we folded it to match the size around his fingers so that when the paper was rolled and taped together it would be a perfect finger puppet! Starting with a white base we made a dalmatian for the fire fighter and also a little kid to represent himself. This was fun cutting out odd shapes and gluing them onto the paper. 
DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

Now that we were all done with our theater and finger puppets we took the fun outside and put on a show! 

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity

DIY Theater and Finger Puppets #kids #activity
This is a great time for open conversation and questions.  The parent can ask there child how they feel about the situation and how they should respond. While your child may not be ready or willing to talk about certain things in calm way yet they may be able to talk through play about there feelings and concerns without all the stress on them. 

This activity can be done at any time and just for fun of course! let your child imagination soar and let him lead you in what direction he would want his show to go. 

For the younger child: Have the theater area already built so that they wont have to wait for it to be done and can just get to painting and using stickers and the fun parts. Help them with pre-cut paper and shapes to create there own finger puppets. 

For the older child they can help with the gluing of paper onto the theater and making more of the scenery. They can do most of the finger puppets alone and add more detail to the project. to make it even more fun they can create a play! Write it out and assign parts to family members who will then create there own finger puppet characters and put on a big show! 

Further discussion: This activity can be done with any theme. From aliens, dinosaurs, summer fun and even princesses! Have fun! Use your imagination! 

Alvina is a stay at home mom with a son who is her world. They do arts and crafts and explore the city around them. You can follow along on there journey on her blog "Theres Magic Out There". There you will find a mix of DIY crafts, kids crafts, mommy moments, city events/activities and more.


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