Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going on a Shape Hunt #kids #activity

by Ashley Moore from Life with Moore Babies

Shapes are everywhere. Everything we see from signs, to houses, to animals, to letters, we recognize them as specific shapes. Shapes are the basis for math, reading, and writing. Children first have to recognize differences in shape before they can recognize differences in numbers and letters.  Just teaching shapes by looking at the shape is good, but seeing shapes in everyday objects is even better. To practice this we went on a Shape Hunt!

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

We started by looking at this Melissa and Doug See Inside Shape Puzzle; it has the shapes on top, but underneath each shape is a picture of a common object with a similar shape.

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

After all the kids took a turn working the puzzle we headed outside with Jumbo Triangular Colored Pencils and a Mini Sketch Pad.

As we walked around our neighborhood we kept an eye out for the shapes we saw on the puzzle. Every time we found a shape the girls would draw the shape in their Sketch pad.

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Some of the shapes we found:

Circular Tires

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Rectangular and Oval Windows

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @GummylumpGoing on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

 An Octagon Stop Sign

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

Squares in a Trellis and a Triangular Tree

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @GummylumpGoing on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

 A Diamond at the top of  fence and a Pentagon Mailbox

Going on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @GummylumpGoing on a Shape Hunt #Kids #Activity @Gummylump

For the rest of the day, after we had finished our walk, the girls continued naming shapes they saw!

To help introduce younger kids to the shapes they see everyday, you could look at the puzzle and then walk around the house pointing out the shapes you see. You could even compare them to the puzzle pieces to see how the shape is the same.

A classic strong-willed child, Ashley, fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian in 2005; only to realize a new dream had formed, having a family with her husband (another strong-willed child). After much heartache, they were blessed with two daughters and a son, who are all proving to be just as spirited as their parents! Though she is still working part-time, she fills her days off with fun activities and lots of learning with her three kids. And this is where the blog comes in. Life with Moore Babies


Camille said...

This looks like a lot of fun! We actually have that same puzzle, my daughter first learned her shapes from it. :)

Ashley said...

That's great Camille! Maybe she would like to hunt for some shapes too!

Pinkoddy said...

This is a fab post - it was my son's homework too!

I'd love if you'd come and share on Motivational Monday.

I am now following you by e-mail and on twitter

Monica Pruett said...

A great way to teach shapes. I need to try this at home. Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday.

Shannon said...

What a great idea! So great, I included it in the activities for the book "The Tickle Monster is Coming!" (with a link to you) on my site where I recommend read aloud books and suggest activity extensions.

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