Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY Spring Bookmarks for Kids (template included!)

These easy-to-make Spring bookmarks are bright & cheerful, and make reading even more exciting! My kids are just learning to read so anything that we do that's even remotely reading related is greeted with enthusiasm. We hope your little ones will enjoy this bookmark craft as well.

What to do:
  • Print out the Spring Bookmark Templates: pre-colored or blank (for you to color!)
    (Color in the bookmark if you've chosen the blank one.)
  • Cut out bookmark template and glue to a piece of cardstock paper making sure you get glue right to the edges
  • Cut out the bookmark from the cardstock paper to the correct size
  • Punch a hole near the top and add a bit of yarn or ribbon for embellishment!
  • embellishment on diy bookmark

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