Monday, October 8, 2012

Tulip Pipecleaner #Preschool #Craft

by Natalie from for
for ages 3+ with adult supervision

I love creating art with my kids! Especially happy drawings of sunshine, flowers and anything with bright colors! Today, we made a tulip garden with pipe cleaners, canvas and crayons! My daughter chose to make a sunset as a backdrop. 

This craft is a great way for preschoolers and older kids to learn to manipulate the pipe cleaners into leaves and flowers.

Time Needed: 
20 minutes depending on how creative your children get!

Give your children the canvas and crayons and ask them to draw a sky and grass. Encourage them to be creative! Sunsets, hills, mountains-whatever their imaginations come up with! Then give them pipe cleaners of various sizes. Show them how to bend the pipe cleaners into stems with leaves and tulips. Apply glue to the back of the pieces and add them to the canvas and you have your tulip garden!

This craft can be altered to the children's age. For older kids, encourage them to create more intricate creatures or forms with the pipecleaners. For the younger kids, have them make shapes and talk about the names of the shapes and the colors of the pipe cleaners.

I love crafting, scrapbooking, drawing, jewelry making, soap making and cake decorating. And now I have three silly little helpers to assist in these projects! My oldest is a bubbly, artistic girl, the middle child is a sweet little boy who draws rocket ships and race cars and the youngest divides her time between actually coloring and attempting to eat the crayons! I share my fun crafting adventures on the Sippy Cup Mom blog in my "Make It Pretty Wednesdays" segment. In addition to this, we write about life with kids, travel, reviews, giveaways and much more!

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Carolyn said...

A great idea for using pipe cleaners and encouraging children with fine motor skills. And the end product looks good also.

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