Thursday, October 4, 2012

Creating Masks for Dress Up Play

Written by Dawn from Life Simply Fabulous for
 for Ages 2 years and up with Adult Participation and Supervision 

A new look can transform any child into a whole new world. New experiences, characters and far off lands in pretend play expand imaginations and creative thinking and allow children to express individuality. Adding details like masks can take a character or theme to a whole new level.

My kids love to act like whatever catches their fancy that day. Today Brooke and Madison decided to create Willow masks. Willow is our cat. And Wyatt wanted a car mask but I decided to make him more of a hat than a mask. I didn't think he would like anything over his face.


*Reminder - since there is yarn involved there has to be adult supervision when children are playing.

Time Needed: 15 minutes

  • Figure out where the eye holes need to go on paper plates and cut the eyes out for the kids.
  • Let the children decorate mask as they wish with the crayons and markers. If they want a car or some other shape you can cut it out for the child.
  • When the kids are done decorating the masks use something to make the holes in the sides of the paper plates for the yarn to go through. I like to make the holes above the child's ears so the yarn will rest above their ears
  • Put yarn through first hole and tie a knot at the end of the knot. Do the same thing to the other hole.
  • Carefully tie the plate around the child's head. I like to tie the bow up by the crown of their head so the yarn is not around their neck. If you tie it tight enough it will not slip down past their ears.
My kids love to crawl around meowing like a cat so it keeps them and me entertained for a little while. Masks can be as simple or complex as your child will allow.   

For Younger Children and Children with Special Needs:
Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be their project. You can do the cutting but let the child do the coloring and decorating.

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