Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids Summer Scrapbook Craft Activity

Capture Summer Memories with a Kids Summer Scrapbook by Natalie from SippyCupMom 
for Ages 4 and up with Adult Participation and Supervision

We had so many fun times this last summer: weekend family vacations, get-togethers and even just hanging out in the kiddie pool in the afternoon sun! One thing that I love is hearing my kids recount all these fun times from their own memory. How fun would it be to have them create little scrapbooks of their favorite events! 

Time Needed:
20 minutes+

Cut about 5 white sheets of paper in half creating 8.5" by 5.5" pieces. Cut the Construction Paper to the same size and sandwich the white paper between making a book. Sew the edge. I used a zigzag stitch and bright yellow thread for the fun of it!

Give each child a scrapbook, a glue stick and the markers. Spread the pictures out in the middle of the table and ask your kids to choose pictures that show their favorite memories of the summer. 

After gluing the pictures down, encourage them to decorate the pages with the markers. If they are older, they can even write a short sentence or even just a word describing the picture. Have them decorate the cover and add a title, such as, "Maddy's Summer". 

I really enjoyed hearing about our summer from my children's point of view! It was sweet to hear about what stood out to them as the most fun. They could take this scrapbook to school and show their classmates and teacher when asked, "What did you do last summer?" 

If children are too young or for some other reason do not have the attention span to decorate the pages with markers, you could get stickers to make this easier. Just make sure you use this valuable time to talk with your children and listen to what they found the most memorable!

I love crafting, scrapbooking, drawing, jewelry making, soap making and cake decorating. And now I have three silly little helpers to assist in these projects! My oldest is a bubbly, artistic girl, the middle child is a sweet little boy who draws rocket ships and race cars and the youngest divides her time between actually coloring and attempting to eat the crayons!  I share my fun crafting adventures on the Sippy Cup Mom blog in my "Make It Pretty Wednesdays" segment. In addition to this, we write about life with kids, travel, reviews, giveaways and much more!

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