Thursday, September 13, 2012

Craft Blogger: Handprint and Footprint School Supply Flower Teacher Gift

by Amanda from Crafts-N-Things for Children for
for Ages 3 years and up with Adult Participation and Supervision

It's Back to School time and instead of just shopping for notebooks, backpacks, and supplies, craft a special treat for the new teacher.  We all know school budgets are always being trimmed, this means teachers are often reaching in their own pockets for tools and supplies. Why not gift a useful and meaningful School Supply Handprint and Footprint Flower.


Time Needed:

30 minutes plus drying time

Peel the label off your empty jar and then wash it.

Have the child paint their hand in color of choice and make a handprint on a piece of construction paper. Have them paint both their feet green and make footprints on a piece of construction paper. Set aside to dry.

Fill the empty jar about 1/3 of the way with magnets. Insert the ruler so that it is centered in the middle. Fill the rest of the jar with magnets. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the jar. Cut it to the length you prefer it to be. I also cut the ends on a diagonal to make it look more decorative.

When the paint is dry, cut around the handprints & footprints. Using the glitter glue, write the words "Thank you for helping me grow!" across them so that each print has words on them. Set aside to dry. After the words have dried, use a paper clip to  secure the handprint to the top of the ruler. I chose to use paper clips that matched my son's paint choices. It should now resemble a flower. Secure a footprint on each side of the bottom of the ruler also with paperclips. These make the leaves.

School Supply Flower Gift for Teacher

Your child now has a pretty gift to give their teacher! All of the parts are reusable since nothing has been glued together and perfect for use in a classroom. Adding other useful tools is a great way to personalize for different teachers. Use a bundle of pencils as a stem, fill jar with crayons or erasers, or make a whole bouquet for an end of year thank you.

Amanda, also known as @artsy_momma, is a mommy blogger who loves doing all things creative. She enjoys doing crafts with her children as well as mommy made DIY projects. You can follow them on their creative learning journey by heading over to their Crafts-N-Things for Children blog. Amanda's motto is to inspire & encourage imagination in others. She also has a passion for creating handprint and footprint art and you can find her blogging everything from keepsakes and home decor ideas to just for fun crafts. 


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What a creative way to show your teacher how much they are appreciated and to donate some much needed supplies at the same time. Love this! Thanks for sharing on Discover and Explore!

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