Monday, September 3, 2012

Backyard Camping Sleepover Activity

by Samantha from
for ages  2 and up with Adult Participation

Activity: Make your next backyard camp out a success by setting up camping toys for kids and planning activities throughout the day to build excitement! Help children to build confidence as they plan for their "trip"! Help them make crafts and snacks, pack up and play fun games!

We started out the day with a craft!
We wanted a fire for our camp out so we decided to make one! For this Craft you will need:
While the children get to work gluing tissue paper to the translucent paper, have an adult fold a large sheet of black construction paper accordion style. Cut wavy sections out of one or both sides(we did one side).
Tape it to a cardboard base and then insert the translucent papers covered in tissue paper. Roll up brown paper for the logs:) Set it aside to dry for later!
Next we Made a Campfire treat!!!
Follow the directions on the marshmallow bag for making rice crispies. Instead of rice crispies substitute: Graham crackers, chocolate chips, and POPCORN!!!!
We sprayed PAM on our hands and then formed it into balls and stuck them on dowels! Then we set them aside for later:)
Time to PACK!
I had no idea how much fun packing could be! The boys loved picking everything that they would bring with them in to their red Trunki! I loved listening to their plans for each thing as they packed it!
When we went out side it was still light so we played a fun game! These press and spin games are great for camping or sleepovers! They are small and compact and lots of fun! My boys love pushing the spinner!
We played a really fun game for the darker hours of the evening! FLASH LIGHT hide and seek! The boys LOVED it! The “finder” uses his flash light to search for the other players! Really cool because you can hide so much better in the dark!
Start Camping!!
As it got dark we added a little lantern to our camp fire! The boys went and collected sticks to add to their fire!
They loved roasting their S’more popcorn balls over the “Fire”
The boys finished off the night in their Turtle Tent! This was the best part of the evening! They were so tired from the events of the day and so happy to be in their tent with their flash lights!
I loved how high quality this tent was and how roomy it was! There was no fight about space!
It was so much fun spending all day making this a big event for them! I was so proud of their patience and hard work!

Samantha is a stay at home mom of five children under the age of five. She teaches preschool from her home and loves it! She loves coming up with unique ways for her children and students to learn because when kids are having fun they learn so much better! You can find more activities and fun stuff at Samantha's blog Little Hands Big Work.

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Pinkoddy said...

How adorable and I just love the camp fire what a fantastic idea.

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