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Educational Activity Blogger: Making Picnics Special

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I love any excuse for a picnic. What is better that being outdoors and sharing good food with loved ones? Melissa & Doug have come up with a way to make picnicking with little ones easy. Check out the Bella Butterfly Picnic Set which is perfect for little hands. It is brightly colored and has a happy butterfly on one of the top flaps.

Bella Butterfly Picnic Set for Kids

Bella Butterfly Picnic Set for Kids

The Bella Butterfly Picnic Set has a handle for easy carrying, and two top flaps that open, making for easy access to the inside. It comes with 4 cups, spoons, knives, forks and plates and plenty of pockets and space to store all that plus some food.

Bella Butterfly Picnic Set for Kids

The kids were excited to hear we would be having a backyard picnic. My youngest helped me pack. I used the opportunity to work on counting with her. As she would place each utensil inside, she was counting how many there were. 

Time to bring it outside!

Bella Butterfly Picnic Set for Kids

The kids took it upon themselves to open up the basket and start passing out cups, plates and utensils.

Practicing setting the table!

Practicing social skills with the picnic set

Then they patiently waited for their cupcakes. We only had two cupcakes but there were three kids. We needed to put on our thinking caps and figure out what to do. One of my twins had a funny idea - she would get one whole cupcake and her sisters would split the second one. Nice try.

Enjoying some yummy cupcakes together: 3 kids, 1 Mom, 2 cupcakes...time for cupcake math!

We decided we could cut both cupcakes in half and each get a half. This way I got some too. Bonus!

A delicious picnic treat!

The kids loved their flower shaped plates.

And their utensils.

Practicing good manners and using utensils can be fun...and yummy!

No picnic would be complete without some games and activities. I made a hopscotch game for the kids and they helped by telling me which numbers I should write in each box.

We also did some outdoor painting which can very inspiring. We have an easel outside but it's easy to just tape up some paper to a fence and paint away. Just make sure the paint is washable. 

After all that playing the girls needed a break. It was the perfect time to bring out a special treat. Ice Cream! Now that's a great way to end a picnic!

Vicky Perreault is a busy mom to three kids - 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. She believes that kids learn best through play and hands on activities. As a former teacher, Vicky finds great joy in facilitating learning and play experiences for her children and sharing those ideas with other parents on her blog Mess For Less.


Packer Family said...

Oh my goodness that picnic set is so cute!!!!!

Vicky said...

We use it all the time! A must!

Wendy said...

I love that picnic set.

Dung said...

I love the idea of having a picnic basket for the kids. This would be great birthday gifts for the little ones. Thank you!

coliebear said...

We like to go on picnics at the park. I really like this set.

susan said...

I love the idea of making picnic time so special!

Missy Sue said...

I have the bella butterfly lunch box it's so cute.

Kim Burnett said...

neat idea

Kim Burnett said...

Neat idea

Carrie said...

Love it!

Jade Higgins-Rouse said...

That is too cute! Perfect for a little girl!

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