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Ages & Stages: Batteries Not Required for Family Game Time

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I am starting to sound like my Mother, “When I was a kid we didn’t have . . . ”  Wii, PlayStation, video games, iPhones, etc.  This comes on the tail of hearing the kids once again say, “Mom we need more batteries!” Crazy Wii remotes and gadgets always need more batteries.

Really, when I was a kid we didn’t have all this technology stealing our time. We had to do things like use our imagination and if we wanted to play a game we had to work together rather than with a cyber-friend, and get out an old fashioned board game. I ran down to our basement and eyed our board games--well over 50 games on the shelf! There may be one or two that need batteries for those noisy buzzers, but for the most part they are self-contained and ready to play. 

The games I love most are the ones that the whole family can play.

 Sometimes the younger kids team up with an older sibling.

I love to play with them and that helps to curb any potential disagreements. They do well on their own, but there are a few who are pretty competitive. I love to see my younger children playing funny word games with my older ones, and then the older ones jumping in and playing a younger game for the sake of the small ones. 

The simple card games are fun for everyone, and easy to play anywhere in the house.

The great thing about playing games is once you can get them away from the battery-operated games, they have a renewed interest in "old-fashioned" board games.

With summer travels you can even take games along with you like the Flip to Win Bingo Travel Game.
Flip To Win Bingo Travel Game

I have fond memories of playing a version of Travel Bingo with my brother on the way to Grandma’s house as a child. 

I first learned Rummy and go Fish with a deck of cards similar to the Classic Card Games Set by Melissa and Doug. 

Classic Card Games Set by Melissa & Doug

See if you can start up a family board game night, or at least take advantage of the air conditioning this summer and have your kids take out the batteries and play together as a group. They will benefit by using their imagination, working together as a team, learning new ideas, and spending time together as a family.

Melanie Schemanski, is the founder of A Year of Jubilee Reviews with an assortment of reviews, giveaways, and life stories. Melanie is a homeschooling Mama of 6 blessings, ranging from ages 4 to 17.. toddler to teen! She has been through the ages and stages and they just keep on coming. With years of experience under her belt she wanted to start sharing some of the insights she has found in raising her 5 boys and 1 girl through blogging.  She has loved writing since her first journalism class in high school and is excited to have found a niche to share her heart.


Sarah @ made in usa challenge said...

Simple toys are the best, most classic toys for kids. I try to buy games and toys for my son that he can learn from and interact with versus just be entertained by.

Sage said...

Great post! We have a regular family board game nights and the kids love it. We usually play Yahtzee, Apples to Apples or Scrabble :)

Michelle said...

Family game nights are the best :)

Anonymous said...

These are really nice things to keep my great grandson busy. Keep up the good work.(judy Lydick

Anonymous said...

Thse ae amazing. It's just what I need to keep my great grandson busy

Vicky Watkins said...

Love the board games idea. It's true what dont kids have these days electronics that is.

Vicky Watkins said...

Love the board game idea. What electronics don't kids have these days!

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