Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Educational Activity: Preschool Water Scientists

Written by Samantha from LittleHandsBigWork.com for GummyLump.com
for ages 2 and up with Adult Participation & Supervision

We started this water activity with a fun math game! We used the Froggy Lily Pad Toss Pool Toy by Melissa & Doug to practice adding! We started by placing the 3 lilly pads in the water and then Caden (age 5) would toss a frog.
If it landed on a lily pad he would add the number on the frog to the number on the pad. If another frog landed on the lily pad then he would add both the frogs and the pad number! It was great practice for him and he loved that the lily pads would swirl around when the frogs landed on them!

After the game we started talking about how the pads were floating. “What else do you think would float?” The kids ran to grab things in the yard to try. We made a prediction each time, “I think the rock will sink because it’s heavy.” “I think the ball will float 'cause it has air in it.” “I was right!”
Next we tried to see if the pads would still float if we put rocks on them. “This one sunk cause the rocks were too heavy!” “This once sunk cause the water came in on that side!”

“This one floats 'cause I put it in the middle!”

We used the Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Pails too! They held a lot more rocks. When asked why, Caden said, “Cause they are taller and the water can’t get in!”

Caden came up with this next scientific observation all on his own. He said, “If I have a little bit of water in my bucket and I put a big rock in, the water comes up!”
Our lily pads invited a bee to come for a drink, Caden enjoyed watching him drink using his Mombo Snake Magnifying Glass!
After all of our hard scientist work, Caden and his brother enjoyed a whole hour of pretend play with Froggy Lily Pad Toss. That’s what I love about Melissa and Doug toys---they are open ended and let a child use his imagination to guide play!

Samantha is a stay at home mom of five children under the age of five. She teaches preschool from her home and loves it! She loves coming up with unique ways for her children and students to learn because when kids are having fun they learn so much better! You can find more activities and fun stuff at Samantha's blog Little Hands Big Work.

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