Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Using Letter and Number Stickers to Create Photo Memories

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Written by Samantha from LittleHandsBigWork.com for GummyLump.com
for children ages 4 years and up with Adult Participation

Using Letter and Number Stickers to Create Photo Memories: We used Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection Books to create keepsake photo frames. We practiced fine motor skills by ripping the paper and pulling off stickers. We also worked on letter recognition while spelling out the names of our friends and family.

Creating Photo Memories with Stickers!

To begin this project my husband cut 2- 12 inch square pieces of 1/4 inch plywood. The boys got to work sanding. Great for building up the muscles in their hands!
Sanding the plywood
Next we used the edge of the wood as a guide for ripping a piece of scrapbook paper on each side. This is great, because the child can do the ripping but the wood keeps it nice and strait.
Then they applied Modpodge to the entire board using a sponge brush.
They used their hands to position the paper on to the board and then smoothed it out all over.

Apply more modpodge and add a photo to the center of the board. Now, the FUN part!!! Use the “Melissa and Doug Sticker Collection Books” to add the names of your friends and decorate your frame!
Decorating the frames with stickers!
It was so fun to sit with my boys and talk about all of the things they had learned about that year and about what their friends liked to play with them! Every sticker they chose had some little story about their friends:) They loved the project and the end result was a great keepsake to hang in their room!
A true work of art!
We also made one for Grandpa since Father’s Day is coming up! We followed the same process except we added handprints by painting each child's hand and stamping it on the board
Great Father's Day Gift Idea!
Then we added the children’s names and ages and a fun tittle, “We Love Grandpa!” One thing I forgot to add was the date at the bottom but I will be adding it with more stickers.
Easy to make & beautiful Father's Day gift for Grandpa or Daddy!
There are lots of ways to hang these but I chose this very simple method: Cut a ribbon, tie a knot at each end, staple above the knot and into the board:) Hang and enjoy!

Samantha is a stay at home mom of five children under the age of five. She teaches preschool from her home and loves it! She loves coming up with unique ways for her children and students to learn because when kids are having fun they learn so much better! You can find more activities and fun stuff at Samantha's blog Little Hands Big Work.

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