Monday, June 25, 2012

Educational Activity: Sensory Fun - Exploring Ice & Water with Preschoolers

by Samantha from

for children ages 3 years and up with Adult Participation

"Fill a baby pool or sensory tub with different size and shape ice cubes and let your kids explore eith their senses! They can practice motor skills too by spraying, watering and scooping!" ~Samantha
I started by filling some ice molds the day before. I used the bucket from the Sunny Patch Baking Set to make a large ice block full of fish! I started with just an inch of water and some plastic fish, let it freeze, REPEAT until the bucket was full!
We made more ice blocks using the Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Pails! They made awesome molds because each one has a creature on the bottom and you can then see it in the ice block! The kids loved that! Add a little food coloring like we did for more fun!

Check out the way the Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Pails "ice cubes" came out!

I let the kids help me put one fish in each section of a muffin tin. We then filled each section with blue water.
We added blue food coloring, water, and plastic fish to muffin tins to make these!

After I added the ice "cubes" to the pool the fun really started! There were fish to rescue from the icebergs! We sprayed them out with the Finney Fish Spray Bottle to save them…
And poured warm water on them using the Blossom Bright Watering Can!
Blossom Bright Watering Can was part of the effort to free the fish!

I left the muffin tin out and my little ones decided to put some of the ice blocks back like it was a puzzle!

Slowly our fish started to get free!!!

The kids played with the ice alone for a long while...

Then we decided to fill the pool with water! Boy, the ice melted fast!


I then added nets so that they could go “fishing”!

My five year old used the measuring cups from the Sunny Patch Baking Set to learn about measurements. I would show him the 1/4 cup and ask, “How many of these do you think would fit in the 1 cup measuring cup?” He made a guess and then tested his theory. Fantastic learning opportunity!

Not only were the kids able to keep cool, but they had a great learning experience. They learned how to make ice, how to make colored ice, what makes ice melt, how ice feels to the hands and feet, how to measure, transfer, and scoop and more! Try it for yourself. It was a fantastic way to beat the heat with the kind of play that not only keeps them occupied, but fascinated! And, the learning part doesn't hurt either :)

Samantha is a stay at home mom of five children under the age of five. She teaches preschool from her home and loves it! She loves coming up with unique ways for her children and students to learn because when kids are having fun they learn so much better! You can find more activities and fun stuff at Samantha's blog Little Hands Big Work

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Stephanie said...

This sounds like so much icy fun! What a great way to cool off in warm weather and learn at the same time. Thank you for linking up to Discover & Explore!

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