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Educational Activity Blogger: Creative Sand Play

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for ages 3 and up with Adult Participation & Supervision

Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set by Melissa & Doug

With summer nearly here, my kids are starting to want to spend a lot of time outside in the sunshine. My kids have been having a ball in the great outdoors with some fun Sunny Patch Sand Toys by Melissa & Doug. Whether outdoors to you means the beach, the park or your own backyard, these toys will help keep your little ones having fun in the sun. Just make sure to lather on that sun screen!

Sand Toys: Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set
Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set

What I love about these sand toys is that they all work well together. You can use pieces from one set with another and that's just what my kids did. The Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cookie Making Set comes with a cookie tray, spatula, rolling pin, plates, beach themed cookie cutters, and a sprinkle shaker. The Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set comes with a baking pan, cupcake holders and molds to make the perfect sand cupcake. The Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set comes with a turtle bowl with sifter lid, three measuring cups, and a spoon and a whisk for baking up some yummy treats.
We went to a local park, brought these great Melissa & Doug toys with us, and set up our sand bakery. The first thing we needed to do was prepare the treats for the bakery. My girls worked together to make some sand cupcakes 
We used the fun cupcake molds to make some fish and starfish cupcakes.
Seaside Sidekicks Cupcakes Set Sand Toys 

We were so proud of our cupcakes, until one of our bakery customers came over and destroyed them! Luckily, these sand cupcakes are easy to make again.

Sand Toys: Seaside Sidekicks Cupcakes Play Food Set

One of my daughters decided the bakery could use some cakes too and she started measuring and scooping sand. She then found a stick nearby and used it to stir her "cake mix."

Seaside Sidekicks Baking Set Sand Toys (Sunny Patch by Melissa & Doug)

Next, it was time to bake some cookies. My daughter wet some sand and rolled it out using our rolling pin.
Seaside Sidekicks Cookie Banking Sand Play Toys

She decided we should sell a starfish cookie in our bakery, so she pressed a starfish cookie cutter into the sand and got her Dad's help to plate it.
Seaside Sidekicks Cookies Play Food Sand Toys

Seaside Sidekicks Cookies Sand Toys Play Food
Cookie for sale!

I was so pleased with the way these Melissa & Doug Sand Toys kept my kids busy and engaged at the park. Right near where they were playing in the sand there was a huge playground structure and my kids had no interest in it. They just wanted to keep playing in the sand and making sand food for our bakery!

Vicky Perreault is a busy mom to three kids - 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. She believes that kids learn best through play and hands on activities. As a former teacher, Vicky finds great joy in facilitating learning and play experiences for her children and sharing those ideas with other parents on her blog


Packer Family said...

So fun! We have some of those baking toys but now I want the whole set LOL What fun!

Jenny said...

Sand toys are always great for kids. These looked nice (the fact that they were for "cooking"), but I was wondering why they are better than a normal shovel and bucket?

Gummy Lump said...

Thank you for your comment Jenny. I think pails and shovels are fantastic, but if your child needs a little kick-start with his imagination or you just want to introduce something a little different, these are great fun to play with.

Baby bottle said...

Like the morning shows the day. Similarly the kid's creativity shows that she will become a great artisan in future.

Shaunna Evans said...

This set looks like so much fun to play with. Thanks for linking up to Discover & Explore. I'm featuring this post today.

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