Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crafty Blogger: Sea Creature Banner

Written by Hilary from

for ages 4 years and up with adult participation and supervision.

"To celebrate summer and sunshine, we created a sea creatures banner to hang up and enjoy! Now we can get a little joy of the ocean, right here at home." ~Hilary!

Supplies Needed:

Art Supplies: Sketch Pad, Non-Roll Crayons, Textured Stencils: Sea Life

Time:  As long as your kids are entertained.


Follow the instructions for the stencils. (you can also free-hand, or print out clip art pictures)

Textured Stencils Sea Life by Melissa & Doug

Color the pictures (the stencils come with a cool texture option too)

Find a place to tie up a piece of yarn, clothesline style.

Hang your pictures in a row using clothes pins to create a banner.

Two Lovely Sea Creatures!

Feel free to add construction paper starfish, fish and coral to your banner for added creativity!

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