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Crafty Blogger: Father's Day Fishing - Handprint Craft for Kids

Father's Day Fishing Handprint Craft by Dawn from Life Simply Fabulous for

for Ages 3 years and up with Adult Participation and Supervision 

Since fishing is a big thing in our household I had the kids make a craft for Father's Day centered around fishing. I love hand prints so I had them make the fish with a hand print. ~ Dawn


Time Needed:

20 minutes plus drying time


For preschoolers and younger kids cut out the water, grass, tree, and sun. Don’t forget to protect furniture.


  1. The day before the big project: Pour finger paint on a piece of construction paper. Have child press handin finger paint. Make sure paint covers the palm and fingers. Press the child's hand firmly onto another piece of construction paper. I used a tan piece of construction paper but you can use whatever color your child wants. Set to the side and allow to dry over night. 
  2. Have older children cut construction paper for the lake, grass, sun, and tree.  
  3. Next trace child's hand on another sheet of construction paper and have them cut it out.
  4. Have children glue the water, grass, tree, sun, and stick onto 12"x18" paper.  Tie string or yarn to stick.
  5. Next glue the stick to the 12"x18" paper. Glue traced and cut out hand over the end of the "fishing pole". Cut string at water level and glue the string down.
  6. Cut out "fish" hand print and glue it to the end of the string and the 12"x18" paper.
  7. Have child decorate the fish and sun with glitter glue and markers. My daughters also used the glitter glue to "paint" the fingernails of their hand.

For Younger Children and Children with Special Needs:  

Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be their project.  Like cut out the water, grass, tree, and sun before the project begins. I let my 2 year old son use the child safe scissors to cut leftover construction paper. It helped him learn to use the scissors while under very close supervision but also gave me time to help my 5 year old and 8 year old. He did all the glue and helped me put the construction paper on the 12"x18" paper.

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