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Crafty Blogger: 4th of July Rockets Craft for Kids

Kids Craft: 4th of July Rockets

by Natalie from for
for ages 4 years and up with Adult Participation and SupervisionMy kids seriously dig rockets. And they were super excited when I told them that I had a fun 4th of July craft for them to do where they got to make a ton of really fun and festive rockets! Kids can use them to play with or you can decorate with them by creating a rocket ship garland. This craft is also a great way to recycle toilet paper rolls too! 

 Time Needed:
45 minutes plus drying time.
Collect toilet paper tubes. 
  • Have kids paint toilet paper tubes. We did two coats and stuck with solid colors for the bodies of the rockets.

  • Let dry.
  • Cut the nose cones from the 6 x 9 Doodle Pad paper. I tried many different options, but decided that 5.75" half circles made the best nose cones.

  • Using glue gun, create the nose cones by making a crease in the center of the flat side and folding them together and adhering.
  • Attach the nose cones to the painted toilet paper tubes.
  • Have kids paint the nose cones along with any other designs they want to add.

  • Let dry.
  • Have the kids stamp "USA" on little strips, rectangles or squares of paper.

  • Glue these to the rockets.
  • Now they are ready for flight! 

Melissa & Doug Art Supplies at
Art Supplies for Kids from

    If you would like to make garland decorations for the 4th of July, cut small strips of ribbon and attach with glue gun from the end of one rocket to the tip of the next rocket's nose cone. Repeat!


    These fun little rockets would be a good craft for a birthday party if you constructed them ahead of time and then let the kids do some creative painting on them! You can add stickers and glitter for extra flair. This craft encourages creativity and helps with fine motor skills. This is a fun family project - letting the kids create while you handle the hot glue and maybe the cutting if your children are younger. And of course there is all the fun time you can having afterwards playing with your rockets! 

    I love crafting, scrapbooking, drawing, jewelry making, soap making and cake decorating. And now I have three silly little helpers to assist in these projects! My oldest is a bubbly, artistic girl, the middle child is a sweet little boy who draws rocket ships and race cars and the youngest divides her time between actually coloring and attempting to eat the crayons!  I share my fun crafting adventures on the Sippy Cup Mom blog in my "Make It Pretty Wednesdays" segment. In addition to this, we write about life with kids, travel, reviews, giveaways and much more!


    Packer Family said...

    So fun! I think me and my kids will be making this for our 4th of July Party! Thanks!!

    artsy_momma said...

    Oooooh... I am going to have to have my little guy write USA with our M&D stamps on our 4th of July crafts! Love the rockets :)

    Mandy said...

    Great idea! I know my boys would like making this and hanging it up in their bedrooms or playrooms!

    Mommy of Many Hats said...

    What a cute decoration idea! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing at Fantastic Fun & Learning. Feel free to check us out at!

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