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Building Fine Motor Skills with Stickers

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My kids were thrilled to receive some Melissa & Doug Sticker Pads. If your kids are anything like mine, they love stickers. Mine love peeling and sticking them on paper, shirts and siblings! What makes these sticker pads unique is that they offer a variety of play and imaginative opportunities.
Making her sticker face!

Make-a-Face Sticker Pad
 The Make-a-Face Sticker Pad includes 20 blank faces of every skin tone and hair color you can imagine and 5 sticker sheets of all kinds of eyes, mouths and accessories. The possibilities here are endless. Before we started, I demonstrated for the girls how they could use the book.
I tore a blank face picture out of the book and asked the kids to help me pick out the features. My two year old chose the eyes.

Working with the eyes from the Make-a-Face Sticker Pad

My three year old showed me where the eyebrows should go.

Making her sticker face!

We put on our eyes and eyebrows and I asked this kids "what's missing?" They all responded "mouth!" 

Almost done with this lovely face!

But which mouth to choose from? As you can see, even my two year old was able to peel off the stickers. Did she get them all off right away? No, but she stuck with it and was successful most of the time. I love how the sticker pad not only helped her to work on her fine motor skills, but it also encouraged her persistence. 

The faces are truly customizable, which allows children to really stretch their imaginations. One of my twins wears glasses and she was so excited to see the glasses stickers and add one to her face.

Look! Our glasses almost match :)

My daughter was so proud of the person she had made: When I asked her to tell me a story about her, she told me that her name was Zimba and she was 100 years old and liked to play on a swing.

Meet "Zimba!"

My other daughter thought the necklaces were perfect for making her face complete.


Even a two year old can make a face. Sure the eyes are a little lopsided and the glasses are in her hair, but that's a pretty good face for a two year old don't you think?

Beautiful work!

We also had fun with the Fashion Sticker Collection which contains over 600 stickers. This reminded me of old fashioned paper dolls updated for 2012. Once again there are a variety of skin tones represented in this collection. Each girl is a sticker than can be placed on any other piece of paper and then customized with a large selection of outfits. 

Fashion Stickers by Melissa & Doug

Sample page from Fashion Sticker Book

My youngest went with a beach theme for her person. She put on some goggles and decided to add a swimsuit.

One of my twins placed two girls on her paper and told me they were twins. 

Working with the Fashion Stickers

She came up with a story for the twins. Here it is in her own three year old words: "Once there was twins that was four years old and they went outside to play but they saw a swing and they thought they wanted to swing on it." Yes, her grammar needs a little help, but look at the creativity that the sticker pad inspired!


Here you see the finished products from my other girls. The one on the purple paper is getting ready for winter while the one on orange is all decked out for the beach.

Winter and Summer dress-up creations!

The two sticker pads we worked with are quite different, but they both do a great job of promoting fine motor skills, creativity and fun!
Vicky Perreault is a busy mom to three kids - 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. She believes that kids learn best through play and hands on activities. As a former teacher, Vicky finds great joy in facilitating learning and play experiences for her children and sharing those ideas with other parents on her blog Mess For Less.

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