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Ages & Stages: Planning a Father’s Day Picnic with a Preschooler

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"Each June, the store shelves fill with gifts aimed at men---from mugs and games, to grilling aprons and office knick-knacks. It’s always fun to celebrate the devoted dads in our lives, but never more than when there is an enthusiastic preschooler in the mix!" ~ Wendy

During the preschool years, a child is learning how to develop relationships, become more independent, and take pride in their achievements. Their fascination with doing things on their own and reaping the praise that comes with good deeds puts them at the perfect stage for a Father’s Day celebration that’s less about what you can buy for Dad, and more about what you can do for Dad.

A great way to focus your child’s efforts and turn the holiday into a truly memorable experience is to plan a picnic with Dad in mind. Since very young children may not grasp the concept of “Father’s Day,” explain carefully that you’re going to plan a surprise for Daddy to make his day extra special. Chances are, your little one will jump at the chance!

While preschoolers have a long way to go before mastering kitchen skills, they are more than able to help pack up your picnic. Prepare foods ahead of time (or grab deli sandwiches to keep things easy) and let your excited helper fill your favorite picnic basket, cooler, or even a trusty Trunki! Bring fun finger foods, plenty of drinks, and a few of Dad’s well-known favorites. Be sure not to pack too many extras if your picnic includes a long drive, walk or hike (all great ways to turn the celebration into a great family memory!) Let your child include a hand-made Father’s Day card in your picnic basket as an added personal touch.

You can’t go wrong when you devote your day rather than your dollars, especially when your preschooler learns that it really is the thought that counts. Your little one will beam with pride, and you can bet Dad will, too.

Wendy Cray Kaufman is an advertising copywriter, freelance writer, vegetable enthusiast, and the founder of ABCs and Garden Peas, a Central PA-based blog about natural parenting. When she's not writing, Wendy can usually be found chasing her energetic 2-year-old in the family’s garden.

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As you plan your picnic, don't hesitate to ask family and friends to help. After all, a picnic is usually a casual occasion and when everyone pitches in..... it builds lasting memories for all.

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