Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Flowers Using Paint Chips: Craft for Kids

Spring Paint Chip Flower
by Melinda from LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too

Crafts for all abilities! 
Ages 18 Months and Up with Adult Participation and Supervision.
I don't know about you but I'm addicted to the beautiful rainbow of colors in the paint section at the Hardware Store.  I get inspired but the different shades and go home with my head spinning from all the ideas.  This one was simple. I picked up 1 card from each color group and thought what a lovely bouqet, voila, a Paint Chip Flower Bouquet.

Supplies Needed:
  • Paint Chips in desired colors (don't forget green for the stems)
  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Cardstock or Construction Paper

Time Needed: 15 Minutes plus cutting and glue drying time 

Prep: Depending on your child's ability and age have them cut (or you cut) random pieces from the paint chips.  We did triangles to show that they can be just about any size with all different size angles.  Shae (age 4 1/2)was able to do a good job cutting but grew tired of it after a few minutes. I cut the remaining paint chips the day before the craft and stored them separated by color.

  • Have child glue down stems on paper.  
  • Have child spread circle of glue on top of stem
  • Have child arrange paint chip pieces in specific or random order. Use this time to quiz child on paint colors.
      • Don't leave out the younger children. My 27 month old niece enjoyed making 1 big flower with ALL of the colors.  Picking up the tinier pieces of paper worked her fine motor skills and getting her fingers stuck in the glue made her smile.
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        Why We Love Crafts for Kids: Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy! 
        For Children with Special Needs:  Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be his project.  Art projects are great for fine motor exercise and using creativity.
        If your child has a limited attention span, have all supplies ready before having him begin the project.
        This opportunity for hands-on learning with no wrong choices is ideal to foster self esteem as well.
      Kids Art Supplies Construction Paper 
      Child Safe Scissors


      Kat said...

      Great art project! My kids love arts and craft and this will certainly go to our list of activities to do this summer!

      Prasti said...

      good idea!

      thanks for stopping by :)

      WhisperingWriter said...

      Very cute idea!

      Stephanie said...

      Oh what a great idea! My youngest would love this:)

      Baby Travel said...

      Lovely and easy piece of art.Kids will enjoy it.

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