Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Fun Ways for Kids to Play with Stuffed Animals

1.     Throw a Party Have your child gather up all of the same kind of animal (teddy bears, for example) and create a pretend birthday or tea party!
2.     Go on Safari Have a sibling or parent hide some jungle stuffed animals in one area of the house. Give the child a list (in pictures or words) of animals to find. The child then checks off each animal on the list as it's found. Dressing up like an explorer and wearing binoculars adds even more fun to this pretend play game.
3.     Play School Get your stuffed animals seated and start today's lesson. (Stuffed animals make excellent students!)
4.     Play Veterinarian Your child is the vet, and there are so many animals who need help today! Bring each animal into your child's “office” and have the “doctor” treat each patient. Use bandages, gauze and other household items to make the pretend play more realistic.
5.     Play Jungle Family Your child can pretend to be the mother or father of a favorite stuffed animal. Make the room look like the animal's habitat by adding some pictures, and build a “nest” or “cave” from blankets and cushions.

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