Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sensory Bin in Holiday Colors!

Sensory Bin from dried beans: cool, smooth feeling running through your hands!  Very relaxing!

for Ages 3 years and Up with Adult Participation and Supervision

Supplies Needed:
  • Large Shoe/Boot Box OR Large Plastic Tub/Bin
  • Bags of Dried Beans (we picked based on color: tans, greens, and dark reds)
  • Various measuring, scooping and storing containers
  • Play figures: bugs, dinosaurs etc.
Time Needed:  
  • 5 Minutes to set up
What To Do:

  1. Open each bag of beans and pour into box/bin.
  2. Add measuring, scooping and storing containers.
  3. Add play figures: bugs, dinosaurs etc.
This has been one of the most popular bins we've ever made. I find that when my son gets very upset and I offer him this bin to play with he becomes very calm and happy! It's truly amazing! I suggest that you put a large towel down under the play area. Even when your child is being careful some of the beans will spill onto the floor.

Using fine motor skills to get the tiny beans into the container opening.

We added a foam paint brush to stir our beans.
Some play kitchen accessories made nice sounds when the beans were poured into them
By far the most popular item in the bin. My kids liked the challenge of filling these tiny containers, how colorful they looked when full, and the sound they made when shook if they left it a little bit empty!
We also made a funnel from construction paper that quickly became a very popular item. They really enjoyed experimenting with it!
Don't forget the play figures!

Time to start over again :)

Don't Forget to Take a photo of your finished project and share it with us on the GummyLump Facebook Fan Page

For Children with Special Needs:  Any child who enjoys sensory activities will be interested in exploring this bin!

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