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Little Flowerpots in Bloom: Spring Kids Crafts Project #58

Little Flowerpots in Bloom
Preschool Crafts for all abilities!   
for Ages 3 Years and Up    

Supplies Needed:
  • Several Small Empty (and cleaned) Containers with Lids like Prescription Bottles. We used empty paint containers that we had.
  • White Glue or Double Sided Tape
  • Decorative items like Glitter, Ribbon, Sequins, Easter Grass, Shredded Paper etc.
  • Green Clay or Mix Glue with Green Paint (make it very thick)
  • Foam Paper in Different Spring Colors
  • Scissors
  • Foam Flowers (or make your own)
  • Newspaper To Keep The Work Area Clean
Time Needed:  
  • 15 - 20 Minutes Per Flowerpot plus drying time
What To Do:
  1. Cut a strip of foam paper that will wrap around the bottle.

  2. Put strips of double sided tape around the bottle: top, middle, and bottom OR apply white glue to a strip of foam paper suitable to cover the outside of the bottle. (If using glue method you will have to allow it to dry. Wrap a rubber band around it while it dries.) We didn't have to tape or glue because the foam paper we bought had a peel and stick backing to it.
    HINT: If the strip is too big simply trim with scissors. A little too long at the top is fine because you can just glue or tape it to the top of the container
  3. Make a small circle out of green clay and and pressed it onto the top of the bottle to look like grass. 
  4. OPTIONAL: Glue some decorative Easter grass to the top of the clay. This was sticky and messy. Using another material may be a better way to go!

  5. Take your foam flower and bend the stem a little so that you can wedge it into the clay. That will allow it to stand.
    HINT: If you can't get it to stand use a toothpick with one end in the clay and th other against the top portion of the flower to prop it up. I only had this problem on one of the flowers and I'm not sure why.
  6. Use your imagination and add glitter, gems, sequins etc to the bottom of the flower pot!

  7. Let dry completely.
  8. REPEAT all steps for your next Little Flowerpot in Bloom Creation!

  9. ENJOY! You're done! Show it off by standing it up on a shelf!
  10. Don't Forget to Take a photo and share it with us! You are automatically entered into our WEEKLY GIVEAWAY on our Facebook Page when you post a photo of your finished project and "Like" Us ! Giveaway is randomly selected.

Why We Love Crafts for Kids:
Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy!

For Children with Special Needs:  Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be his project.  Art projects are great for fine motor exercise, and using creativity.
If your child has a limited attention span, have all supplies ready before having him begin the project.
This opportunity for hands-on learning with no wrong choices is ideal to foster self esteem as well. Let you child decide what materials to use to decorate the flowerpots and what color flowers to use.
Substitute any listed supplies for supplies that your child enjoys working with.

Use larger containers if using something very small will cause frustration. 

  For Older Children: An older child will also enjoy this project as is.

A fun BOOK to read in conjunction with this craft is "What Color Should I Be" By Betty Ann Schwartz. This little chameleon can change into any color he wants, but he asks some of his friends what color he should be. Each one wants him to match his own color! They all had such beautiful colors that the chameleon decides to do something rather creative and become ALL of the colors. This board book has a plastic piece that runs on top of the chameleon and lets him change color from page to page. My kids are completely fascinated by this book and have been enjoying it day after day for several weeks.The easy rhymes make it fun for kids to anticipate what comes next and they will start repeating it in no time! Great for learning colors too!

Check out these FREE Flower Printables from the TwistyNoodle that you can customize!

PLEASE POST IN COMMENTS your opinion of this kids craft, if you enjoyed it, other ideas that may be similar.   

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