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Kids Preschool Crafts #44: Sensory Rice Rainbow

Craft for Preschool Kids: Sensory Rice & Painted Macaroni Rainbow
Crafts for all abilities!   
Textured Rainbow made from sensory rice and painted macaroni
for Ages 4 Years and Up

Supplies Needed:
  • Painted Macaroni
  • Thick Cardboard
    HINT: If you use anything that's not thick enough the project will bend and curl upon drying. Using the back of a pad of paper works better than a paper plate or cereal box for this. The thicker, the better :)
  • White Glue
  • Foam Brush (optional)
  • Craft Bowl (optional)
  • Sensory Rice 
  • Newspaper or Aluminum Foil To Keep The Work Area Clean
Time Needed:  
  • 20-30 Minutes plus drying time
What To Do:
NOTE: This project requires a good amount of white glue. Squeezing it out of the container gives you the thickest glue coverage and that is what you want. However, if your child is not strong enough to do that, pour a good amount of glue into a craft bowl and use a foam brush to paint the glue onto the cardboard.  Just use a lot of glue!
  1. Decide if you want a ROYGBIV rainbow or to just have fun with color! A traditional, accurate rainbow would be Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
  2. The most important thing is to apply the glue for each color separately! Start with the interior color. We used pink. With glue paint a small arch of glue on the bottom center of the cardboard.
    Lots of glue (we added even more) makes a happy rainbow!
  3. Next scoop or pour your pink (or color of your choice) sensory rice onto the cardboard in the area near the glue.
    Apply more than enough rice to cover the area!

  4. Press down with the palm of your hand several times to make sure the rice is attaching to the glue.
  5. Wait 30 seconds (a good time to practice counting!)
  6. Lift the cardboard so that it's standing on its end and GENTLY tap. This should allow the excess rice to fall away.
    HINT: Having 2 work areas for this project right next to each other worked well for us. We had the gluing/pouring rice area AND right next to it we had a 2 foot x 1 foot area of aluminum foil. We used that for all of our fall away rice and macaroni. You can do something else fun with the leftovers!
    Arch 1 complete!

  7. For the next ring of the rainbow liberally apply glue in an arch shape above the one you just did. Repeat Steps 3 thru 6 above.
    HINT: If you run into an issue with the 2 colors of rice intermingling you can just pick away the stray pieces.
    2nd arch coming up!
    Tilting the cardboard to get rid of the excess rice.
  8. Continue repeating Step 7 until your rainbow is complete substituting painted macaroni for the last 2 arches of the rainbow :)
    We're really moving along now!
    Green macaroni here!
  9. Let dry completely!
    Nothing but drying left now :)
    OPTIONAL: With the fall away rice and macaroni you can make an abstract work of art. Pour the remaining glue from your bowl onto another piece of cardboard and just smear it around any old way! Then dump the leftovers onto the cardboard. Press down with your palms. Wait 30 seconds and pour the rest into the garbage (or save for something else). Ta da!
  10. ENJOY! You're done! Show it off by hanging your 3D masterpiece on the wall, or stand it up on a shelf!
  11. Don't Forget to Take a photo and share it with us! You are automatically entered into our WEEKLY GIVEAWAY on our Facebook Page when you post a photo of your finished project and "Like" Us ! Giveaway is randomly selected.
    Our very happy rainbow!
Why We Love Crafts for Kids: 
Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy!

For Children with Special Needs: 
Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be his project.  Art projects are great for fine motor exercise, and using creativity.

If you child has a limited attention span, have all supplies ready before having him begin the project.
This opportunity for hands-on learning with no wrong choices is ideal to foster self esteem as well. Let him choose if he wants an authentic rainbow or just a mix of pretty colors! Let him pick the order too if he just wants a mix :)

Unfortunately, there is no substitute I can think of for the white glue if your child doesn't like that, but you can use many other things instead of the sensory rice and painted macaroni. Some options: glitter, colored sand, tissue paper, construction paper.
For Older Children: An older child can further enjoy this project by doing his own scissor work.

In honor of Dr Suess' Birthday and it's colorful title, I recommend reading the book "One Fish, Two Fish" by Dr Suess! It's such a fun and silly rhyming read that your child will be able to predict the next line after only a few times through. It's so fun that you might not mind it on the 1526th time either! An absolute family favorite for millions of people!

Check out these FREE Rainbow Printables from the TwistyNoodle that you can customize


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Daycare Crafts said...

The rainbows are so cute! Very good idea for my 4-5 year olds in daycare that are looking for a little more to do. The butterflies are cute too. I like your site, I have bookmarked it. Thanks!

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