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Valentine Foil Heart Kids Craft: Project #11 of 300 Crafts for Kids in 2011

KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #11: Valentine Foil Heart Kids Craft
Crafts for all abilities!
for Ages 3 Years and Up

A Wonderful Valentine's Day Gift for Kids to Make for Mom, Dad or Grandparents

Supplies Needed:
  • Sheet of Cardboard about 8.5" x 11" or a little smaller
  • Red Colored Sand or Red Glitter
  • Glue Sticks
  • 5 Small (2" - 3") Foam Hearts
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Stamp Pad
  • Aluminum Foil
  • 1 Sheet White Construction Paper
  • Newspaper (to keep work area neat)
Time Needed:
About 30 Minutes

What To Do:
  1. Print out a heart template to trace onto your cardboard.
  2. Cut out heart shape from cardboard
    Shown is the cut out template heart and the cardboard heart.
  3. Tear off a piece of aluminum foil and crumple into a loose ball. Gently smooth out without tearing. This gives the aluminum an interesting texture, plus it's fun to do!
    Loosely crumpled aluminum foil.

  4. Use glue stick to liberally apply glue to cardboard heart.
  5. Quickly cover with aluminum foil by pressing it down against the heart, smoothing it out, and then wrapping the excess around to the back.
    If the foil piece is too small just add another piece using stick glue between the layers.
  6. Liberally apply stick glue to the entire front of the heart.
    Stick glue applied to front of aluminum heart.

  7. Place 5 foam hearts in desired location over the glue.
    Foam hearts applied to glued aluminum heart.

    Hint: Make sure to press down over all parts of the foam hearts to that no sand gets under it in the next step.
  8. Pour red sand over the glue on the heart. Press down slightly with hand to make sure it's sticking.
    Red sand applied to heart.

  9. Lift heart up slowly over your newspaper to allow the excess sand to fall away. Save extra sand for another time!
  10. Carefully remove each foam heart to reveal the foil underneath.
    2 foam heart removed to reveal the foil underneath.

  11. Using your original heart template, cut out a heart shape from white construction paper.
  12. Using a sharpie address the Valentine.
  13. Place child's hand in stamp pad making sure all of fingers and palm are covered in washable ink.
  14. Press child's hand onto white heart to leave his hand print. (We used a lips stamp instead from this stamp set). Use whatever you like for this step!
    Completed back of Valentine.

  15. Let dry.
  16. Liberally apply stick glue (or use double stick tape) to the back of the white heart to adhere it to the back of your aluminum heart. Press to make sure it sticks evenly
  17. Let dry.
  18. Give this beautiful gift to a loved one!

For Older Children: An older child can further enjoy this project by cutting out the hearts on his own, writing his own name and greeting, and experimenting beforehand with different materials (sand vs glitter).

For Children with Special Needs: Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be his project.  Art projects are great for fine motor exercise, and using creativity.

If your child does not like touching ink, skip the hand print and put a stamp on the back, or let your child color or draw something. You can even put a large sticker on there or your child's picture.

If you do not like to use glitter or sand you can choose something else like buttons that may be easier to work with.

This opportunity for hands-on learning with no wrong choices is ideal to foster self esteem as well.

Why We Love Crafts for Kids: Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy!

Associated Educational Activities:
  • SeeryusMama recommends sharing the love with your little one by reading Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.  As one of her favorite books, it makes her heart swell with love for her Little Nutbrown Hares.

  • Write a list for child and have them name people that they love and people that love them!
  • Simple Shape Matching Game: Cut out 2 of each shape (heart, rectangle, square, circle, triangle) and have your child match the same shapes. Use different color paper and you can also have him match by color instead!

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happyfamilytravels said...

Love this!

Nichol said...

we just made this so fun! Thank you:)

Nicola @ Twisty Noodle said...

Thanks for sharing! I am going make this with my 4 year old. I even have all of these supplies in my closet.
Have a great Valentine's Day! Here is a little Valentine for you...

rebecca said...

how fun! :) I'd love for you to link up to my Friday Craft Day with this cute idea!

Rebecca {simple as that}

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