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"Things I Like" Wall Hanging Kids Craft: Project #10 of 300 Crafts for Kids in 2011

KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #10: "Things I Like" Wall Hanging Kids Craft
Crafts for all abilities!
for Ages 3 Years and Up

Yes, that's a picture of  Iron Man!

A Great Way to Learn More About Your Child's Changing Tastes!

Supplies Needed:
Time Needed:
About 45 Minutes - Time will varying depending on how intricate you make each square.

What To Do:
To Make The Squares:
  1. Decide how many squares you want on your wall hanging. We used 9 but this can easily be changed.
  2. Cut out the number of squares you want to use with different colored foam sheets or construction paper. Hint: You may want to find a 4" x 4" object to trace onto a piece of cardboard and then use as a template for each square. This way they'll be the same size and will fit together nicely.

  3. Print your child's name on the square that will be the center. On foam a Sharpie Marker worked well. You can use a crayon on construction paper.
  4. Using your list, create each square to represent something that your child likes. Use magazines for photos, print out photos on your computer, draw the object, use stickers, stamps and stamp pads etc.

  5. Lay out the your squares exactly how you'd like them to hang.

  6. Measure the same size cardboard and cut that out.
  7. To attach the wall hanger take your long pipecleaner and adhere to the back of the cardboard using a stapler (parent only) or strong tape (electrical or duct).
  8. Flip over cardboard so you're now working on the front.
  9. Peel off the back of each foam square (or use glue in the case of construction paper squares) and carefully adhere to the cardboard. You may want to assist your child with this step. Your child's name is the middle square.
  10. Allow to fully dry.
  11. Hang & Enjoy!
    We Added our Pipecleaner Hanger Last but that wasn't the best idea so
    I modified your instructions

My son's completed wall hanging.

My Daughter's Completed Wall Hanging.

For Older Children: An older child can further enjoy this project by measuring, cutting, and adhering all squares without assistance. An An older child can also write his own name for the center of the wall hanging and add words to it!

For Children with Special Needs: Assist your child as much as needed - but allow it to be his project.  Art projects are great for fine motor exercise, and using creativity.

If your child is unable to use scissors have all the squares made for him ahead of time.

If you child is not verbal you can talk to him about some things you're sure he likes and allow him to respond. 

This opportunity for hands-on learning with no wrong choices is ideal to foster self esteem as well.

Why We Love Crafts for Kids: Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy!

Associated Educational Activities:
  • Talk about how each person is unique in abilities, preferences, appearance and personality. What are you good at? What's your favorite _________?

  • Tell your child what you might have had on your own wall hanging of "Things I Like". This activity is a fun way to learn more about each other!

  • Read  "Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis, a story about how many things about us are the same, even though there are differences. Children will discover that Susan is very much like them. Only at the end of the book do they find out the Susan is in a wheelchair.
  • Do the "I am Special - Fingerprint Activity"
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