Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stamping Fun for Preschool Children: Expressions Stampers by Melissa & Doug

We recently spent some time with the Expressions Handle Stampers by Melissa & Doug. I had previously had some family fun time with another set of their large stampers, and thought my preschoolers would enjoy this one too! My son immediately loved all the faces! Right away we were pulling out the stamps and trying to identify the emotion on each stamp.

Normally $9.99, this stamp set is now on sale for $7.99.

One thing I really like about these handle stampers is that it's very easy for a small child to use. The handle is easy to grip on the Expressions Handle Stampers and the other Melissa & Doug Large Stampers.

Other stamp sets we have used are more difficult for preschool hands to manipulate because they require the child to hold a small wooden piece and press down evenly. With those, if you don't press down evenly you end up with a smattering of ink and the pattern on the stamp. With these large stampers  (both handle stampers and palm stampers), the overall size of the stamp is much larger and the stamp is very easy to work with.
The result is beautiful stamping with no struggle.

If you have a 3-5 year old who needs small motor exercise I highly recommend these stamps. Your child will be able to successfully use the stamps and be very pleased with the results! 

Handle Stampers Expressions is a very good toy for children with special needs. Whether your child needs help with small motor skills, understanding emotions, or is a late talker, he can benefit from this simple to use stamp set. Children who have difficulty recognizing the emotions of others will be given concrete examples of facial expressions so that they can literally see what the different emotions look like. This also gives you the opportunity to talk about different emotions and ask your child questions. When do you feel sad? Can you remember something that made you feel mad? This face looks scared. Is there something that scares you?

We had a great time and stamping has become a favorite activity here. They usually end up making something with their fingerprints from the stamp pad - but, it washes off easily and allows them to be creative, so I don't mind!

Here is what we made

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