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Choo Choo Photo Train Craft for Kids: "300 Crafts for Kids" with gummylump.com

KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #2: Choo Choo Photo Train
for Ages 3 Years and Up

Supplies Needed:
Time Needed:
About 15 -30 Minutes

What To Do: 
  1. Select white and red construction paper.
  2. On red construction paper:
    *Trace the bottom of a mug for the front of the train where the photo will go. Cut that out and set aside.
    *Create a large rectangle for the main body of train. Cut out and set aside. Hint: The short side should be approximately the height of the circle you made.
    *Trace and cut out 2 medium size circles for the wheels. Hint: I used the top of a baby powder container.
    *Create a small rectangle for the top rear of the train car. Cut out and set aside.
    *Create a Tall "T" for the smoke stack. Cut out and set aside. Hint: Make this approximately the same height as the small rectangle.
    *Lay out the pieces on the white construction paper so you know where they should go to look centered
    *Glue all pieces to the white construction paper to match image above.
    *Trace a circle around the photo you've selected and cut out. Glue to front (large circle) of train.
    *Decorate the outside edge of the photo with glitter glue. I used silver and went around in a circle but you can make it look like a flower or another design.
    *Pull off half of a cotton ball and glue to top of smoke stack.
    *Cut out different size hearts from red construction paper. Glue around the train on white empty space.
    *Cut out 4 small hearts from white construction paper and glue 2 to smoke stack and 1 onto each wheel.
    *Cut out thin strips of white construction paper to decorate the train like a candy cane! Glue diagonally to train body.
    *Trace outer edge of train wheels with black crayon (optional). You might want to use black construction paper for this step and have black wheels.
  5. Allow project to fully dry.
  6. Hang and appreciate :)
For Older Children: Allow them to do the majority of the cutting and tracing.

For Children with Special Needs: Assist your child in all steps as much as needed - but allow it to be their project. Art projects are great for fine motor exercise, and using creativity.

Smoke Stack

Wheels with black outline, decorated with hearts

Candy cane stripes on body of train

Photo outlined with silver glitter glue
Associated Educational Activities:
  • Read your child's favorite book about trains!
  • Have a conversation about trains while creating this project. Questions to ask: Have you ever been on a train? Where did you go? Was it fun? Is a train fast? Do you know any trains with names? Who else has their face on the front of a train?
  • Sing a song about trains: Example
    Down by the station early in the morning
    See the steam engines all in a row
    See the engine driver pull the little throttle
    Chug chug peep peep - off we go!
  • Put together a new train track layout and play trains!
PLEASE POST IN COMMENTS your opinion of this kids craft, if you enjoyed it, other ideas that may be similar and PLEASE Post any photos of your finished project to our Facebook Page!

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