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Use Stickers to Encourage Creativity on 2 Levels

First, let me explain that my kids love "projects." We use that word in our home to describe any focused art (loosely speaking) activity. Last night when my 3 year olds were getting especially wild, I asked if they wanted to do a project. Presto! They stopped in their tracks and ran to their table and sat down. So far, so good.

Next, a problem. Mom hadn't thought far enough ahead to realize that she had no project for them. Ummm....aha! We had recently gotten each of them a  Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection Book. Like most 3 year olds, mine are sticker crazy! Since I know they love stickers this was sure to be fun for them. 

We had one boy version of the sticker collection book and one girl version.  I had never seen all the pages of the sticker collection books before because they come sealed. I was happily surprised that so many stickers came in each book...and each sticker was a good size. Better yet, the stickers came in themes by page. In the pink sticker collection book there were dogs & cats, farm animals, ballerinas, flowers & butterflies, fashion dress up, tea party and more! In the blue sticker collection book there were dinosaurs, pirates, knights, bugs, construction vehicles, race cars, jungle animals, emergency vehicles, sports, and more! Each book was very impressive!

The Sticker Project Part I:
Have the child choose a sticker and put it on a piece of construction paper. Repeat until the paper is full. This part of the project encourages them to make choices on their own, create their own "theme", and arrange their stickers in a way that's creatively pleasing to them.

I was glad that we used construction paper because it allowed us to peel up some of the stickers are rearrange them. They aren't reusable stickers but you can lift them once or twice without ripping them if you use construction paper.

The Sticker Project Part II:
Use the completed sticker artwork for story time! This part of the project allows your child to use their imagination to create unique stories, learn new vocabulary words, practice taking turns (with you or another sibling), and practice speech & language skills.

Instead of our usual bedtime storybooks, last night we used the stickers to let them tell stories. I pulled out my daughter's sticker artwork and said "Why don't you point to something on here and tell me about it." That was all my daughter needed to go on and on and on. I'll admit her story was crazy. Something about a dog with a bone(those were stickers) and a roller coaster, eating meat, and picking flowers. I just smiled and said "Great!" 

Then it was my son's turn. He was more literal "That dog eating a bone and he eating a bone and then he eat the bone." "Wow! Great Story!" Then I took a turn too! We did this with both sticker artwork projects and they absolutely loved it. They asked to do more but their ogre Mom wanted them to go to bed so we agreed we'd do it again today! I'm even thinking of making these into a book for them and each night we can choose one of the pages to do our story telling!

If your child also loves stickers check these out
Sticker Collection Books by Melissa & Doug  800+ stickers for ONLY $3.99 per book!
I am sure that you will be happy with these stickers because of the size of each of them, the themes, the thickness of the paper, and the sheer quantity of stickers - 

These other sticker books are also available ON SALE for Only $3.99 each:
Alphabets & Numbers Sticker Collection Book

We're always looking for simple projects that: 
  • Don't require many materials on hand
  • Use imagination and encourage creativity
  • Are appropriate for toddlers and/or preschool children
If you have a fun, easy project please tell us about it in comments!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wooden Toys at GummyLump.com

We know that many of you come to us for quality wooden toys so we wanted to make it easier for you to browse our wooden toys shop! We've updated our Wooden Toys Category on our website with subcategories. We hope you like these changes and that it makes it easier for you to narrow down your search of wooden toys. After all, we carry nearly 800 wooden toys for babies, toddlers and preschool children!

Here's how our Wooden Toys section is now arranged:

Our enormous selection of wooden toys makes GummyLump.com the perfect place for parents of toddlers and preschool children who love wood toys to shop! We've built our business on quality wooden toys that last and have great play value at great prices. Featuring wooden toys from Melissa and Doug, Guidecraft, Haba, Hape, Automoblox, Boikido, and many many more! Find wooden blocks, wooden craft kits, wooden dollhouses, wood easels, wooden play food, wooden play kitchens, wood puppet theaters, wooden puzzles, wooden toddler toys, wooden train sets, wooden workbenches, and wooden cars & vehicles! ALL Melissa and Doug Toys are ON SALE 20% off. No coupon needed. Priced as marked.

Featured Wooden Toy: Grill Set Play Food by Melissa and Doug 

*CURRENT PROMOTION: Buy 3 Melissa and Doug Play Food Sets Get 4th FREE!

This gem of a wooden toy is not only a pretend play food toy but it's also a bead play toy!

The grill is not just for burgers and hot dogs! This wooden two-piece grill set includes shrimp, mushrooms, meat, onions, tomatoes, pepper, two skewers, tongs, and a knife! Use the skewers to thread the kabobs! Each piece of meat, seafood or vegetable has a hole in the center for threading it onto the skewer. 2 skewers are included for lots of small motor skill fun!

Educational Value: This 24 piece Grill Set wooden toy teaches children about food variety, cooking technique, and bead threading. Wonderful for practicing threading beads and sharpening small motor skills! A fun way to introduce pretend play too! Your preschool child will love making dinner  or playing restaurant with this play food set.

Special Needs: This can be an extremely useful wooden toy for children with special needs. Not only can pretend play be modeled and encouraged for children with autism, but this toy is also great for practicing small motor skills.  This is a good choice of toy for children with orthopedic impairment as well. If your child needs to work on hand and finger dexterity it's a perfect fit.  Instead of lacing the beads, the beads are threaded onto the kabobs! Some of the food pieces, like the onion, can even be separated into smaller pieces for a greater challenge. More small motor fun happens when the food pieces are velcroed back together! Using the tongs to pick up the smaller pieces and even the kabobs is a wonderful small motor workout as well! Also, don't forget to keep turning the kabobs with the tongs while they're on the grill so they don't burn!

For Ages: 3 years and up 

Grill Set Play Food Toy:
WAS  $19.99   NOW ON SALE $15.99

Comes complete with these pieces as shown:

CURRENT PROMOTION: Buy 3 Melissa and Doug Play Food Sets Get 4th FREE!

See All Toy Specials Here 

Toys for Children with Special Needs

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Entry #12 :

stacythemagnificentmommy said...
my friend's son is autistic and they have used http://www.autismspeaks.org/ a lot to help them. they are involved with the walks in our area every year. if i happen to win this i would pass it on to them.

 Help us with our Resources For Parents with Children with Special Needs!

*WIN a $25 Gift Certificate to GummyLump.com by helping us!

For nearly 15 years parents, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and language therapists have been shopping at GummmyLump.com for toys to use in their practice!

Over the past few months we have been working very hard to improve our Toys For Children with Special Needs section. Our final step is to expand and revamp our Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs section.

We hope you'll help us by COMMENTING BELOW with the name of a book, website, or blog that you have found helpful for parents of children with special needs. Please give us the name of the resource and why you like it.

We will randomly choose 1 winning comment and the writer of that comment will win a $25 gift certificate to GummyLump.com. Please make sure that we can contact you (no anonymous entries please) if you are the winner!

Thank you for your support and help on this important project!

Enter by leaving a comment on this post thru 8/31/10.

*WIN a $25 Gift Certificate to GummyLump.com by helping us!

Over the past few months we have been working very hard to improve our "Toys For Special Needs Children" section. We're proud to say that we've reworked that section, along with the help of Moms of Children with Special Needs, Occupational Therapists, Language Therapists, and Special Education Teachers. 

See it here: Special Needs Toys 
with these Subcategories:
Toys for Children with Autism
Toys for Children with Blindness
Toys for Children with Deafness
Toys for English Language Learners
Toys for Children with Emotional Disturbance
Toys for Gifted Children
Toys for Children with Hearing Impairment
Toys for Children with Learning Disabilities
Toys for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Toys for Children with Orthopedic Impairment
Toys for Children with Speech & Language Impairment
Toys for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury
Toys for Children with Visual Impairment

Toys for Children with Special Needs:

Our toys for children with special needs section was developed with your child's abilities and developmental goals in mind. Our safe and appropriate toys for children with special needs have been chosen because of their quality, play value, educational value, and contribution to learning goals. We have hundreds of special needs toys without the price that's often associated with sensory toys, specialty toy catalogs, and occupational therapy toys. Your child should enjoy his toys and learn from them whether you have a typically learning child or a child who has special needs.

Good Luck and thank you for your participation :)

Want to contact us for another reason? Email: gummylump@aol.com

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