Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CLOSED: Play Food Giveaway thru Aug 12, 2010

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July 28, 2010 7:27 AM
Chosen by Random.Org

We're picking our winner right now!

 Purchase Play Food Toys Here


Basic Entry (MUST do this one):
Go here and pick the Melisa & Doug Play Food Set you'd like to win. Choose from among the play food toys by Melissa & Doug Only. Put that in your comment for 1 entry per day. Your comment should say something like "We want the ice cream play food!" 
To create a comment you must click the link at the bottom of this post where it says "XX Comments" (where XX is the number of comments, ie. "70 comments") or "Post a Comment."

Bonus Entries:
  1. Make a purchase at http://www.gummylump.com/ and comment 5 times on this post with your order number for 5 entries.
  2. Join Our Newsletter for 5 entries and comment 5 times on this post with "joined newsletter"
  3. Post this giveaway on your blog for 5 entries. Come back here and put the link in 5 separate comments.
  4. Become a Fan on Facebook/Like Us for 5 entries. Comment 5 times on this post with "became a fan on facebook!"
  5. Follow our blog for 5 entries. Comment that you did this 5 times with "following your blog".
  6. Follow Us on Twitter for 1 entry. Comment that you did this.
  7. Tweet this giveaway on your Twitter account for 1 entry per day. Come back here and send us your tweet as a comment.
  8. Digg this Post for 1 entry. Come back here and comment.
  9. Bookmark this post on Delicious for 1 entry. Come back here and comment.
  10. Bookmark our site http://www.gummylump.com/ on Delicious for 1 entry. Come back here and comment.
NOTES:It is very important that each entry has a separate comment. That means 5 comments with your order number if you place an order :) Any combination entries will only count as 1 entry.

Entries that do not follow the stated instructions will not be counted as entries. Please email help@gummylump.com if you have any questions about entering this contest. We are happy to help you!

*Anonymous Entries will NOT be accepted UNLESS your email address is included in your post. We have to be able to contact you if you win. If your profile is private or there is any other reason we can not contact you, your prize will be forfeited 48 hours after the drawing and a new winner will be chosen.

We trust you but...if you win for an entry that says, for example, that you're following us on Twitter, and you're not, your prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

Accepting entries thru midnight August 12, 2010

Purchase Play Food Toys Here

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giant Stuffed Animals On Sale!

FREE Shipping (even on stuffed animals!) Over $75

Nearly 5 feet tall; this gorgeous Giraffe makes a big statement wherever it stands! With soft; realistic-looking colorful plush on the outside and a sturdy wire frame on the inside; this gentle giant is sure to draw attention with its substantial size; warm coloring and cute expression. An incredible value!

Win Play Food CUPCAKES sponsored by GummyLump.com thru 7/31

Bake and Decorate Cupcakes play food by Melissa & Doug can be yours FREE. 

enter thru 7/31 

Can't wait to have 'em? Buy them right here: Cupcakes Play Food


  Be sure your little chef uses the oven mitt to move these glorious wooden cupcakes in their wooden baking sheet! This amazing set has special wipe-off cupcake tops and 4 dry erase markers in the shape of icing tubes. With durable cardboard baking cups, decorative wooden candles and “flames”, here are the low-calorie cupcakes for the best birthday or tea party ever!  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New! PLAY FOOD Toy In Stock!

New! Play Food Tiered Cake from Melissa and Doug

On Sale Right Now!

Take food play to another level with this scrumptious-looking, multi-level, wooden,  play food party cake!
Your little host will be proud to present these three layers of "delicious" yumminess. This fabulous cake can be topped with a bride and groom for a formal pretend wedding or with a flower bouquet to celebrate any special event. 
Serving and assembling this confection is easy with all the wooden layers, a selection of toppings, a server and decorative cake plate included in the "bakery" box.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Automoblox Sale

Automoblox SALE!

Automoblox just announced that several of their Full Size Automoblox Vehicles are being discontinued. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover Automoblox if you haven't already. If you already LOVE Automoblox SAVE big during our clearance sale that includes the discontinued Automoblox vehicles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Plasma Car: The Revolutionary Ride On!

Plasma Car is a multi award winning revolutionary ride-on! No batteries; no power-cells; no liquid fuel are required. It's so easy to operate; all it needs is a driver and a smooth; flat surface.

Plasma Car NOW ON SALE:  WAS $79.99 Now Only $59.99

Looking for a children's toy that will delight, fascinate, and invigorate for years to come? PlaSmart's come to the rescue with the perfect toy - THE PLASMA CAR!

The revolutionary new PlasmaCar is built to last from high quality plastics. It's rugged and durable, deceptively easy to operate, and has no pedals, no gears, and no batteries required!

It's like magic, but you don't need to be a magician to get it to work. The Plasma Car is a mechanical marvel that makes use of that most inexhaustible of energy sources, kid-power, by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction.

It's so easy to operate; all it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface.

The PlasmaCar is adult-friendly, too. For starters, it doesn't require an expensive power source that needs constant replacement. No batteries, no power-cells, no liquid fuel-just the occasional cookie or two. It's quiet too-the only sound you'll hear is the sound of its wheels. It provides kids with plenty of exercise, more so than most toys. And the
Plasma Car is engineered to be absolutely safe when used appropriately. It's been extensively tested, and meets or exceeds all US and International safety standards.

The Plasma Car can handle a load of 220 lbs on a smooth, flat surface, and 120 lbs on a rough, flat surface.


For kids, the PlasmaCar is pure energy and pure fun. For parents, it's safe, inexpensive, and quiet.

Here's how it works:
To propel the PlasmaCar, you rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse. To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car. To stop your PlasmaCar, just cease rotating the steering wheel and, when the car slows, put your feet on the ground to bring it to a full stop-easy as pie. Think of it as a Segway for kids. The PlasmaCar can go an exhilarating but kid-safe 2.8 meters per second; that's over 10 km/h. Kids feel the need for speed-and this toy will give them exactly what they need!

Size Assembled: 31" x 14" x 16"

For Ages: 3 years and up

WAS $79.99  Plasma Car NOW ON SALE:  $59.99

PLASMA CAR is also available in RED or PINK

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