Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIN Melissa & Doug SHOPPING CART from MomsFavoriteStuff & thru 7/1

ASTRA Best Toys For Kids 2009

Its always a great time to shop!

Melissa and Doug's durable, metal shopping cart looks just like those in real stores! Sturdy metal construction includes pivoting front wheels; a folding doll seat and protective corner bumpers!

*Food Accessories NOT included.

Educational Value: Endless pretend play possibilities!

BUY Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart on Sale Here for only $39.99 with Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toddler Toy Must Have: Multi Activity Bead Maze

If you're looking for a great wooden toy for your toddler, look no further than this fantastic Multi Activity Bead Maze by Melissa & Doug.

Over the years we've carried a variety of bead mazes, but this is one of the best we've ever had when considering value for the money, play value, quality, and design.

First, just consider the appearance. The bright, primary colors are immediately attractive to a toddler! Everything about this bead maze screams "play with me!" Now that your toddler is interested he is soon to discover that this bead maze is more than your run of the mill bead toy! One of my favorite features is the red catapult that your toddler will love using over and over again. 

Additionally, there's a large spring that toddlers will have a great time depressing and letting loose to make the beads "fly" up and around the spiral. Toddlers will also be interested in the yellow gears that they can spin. Of course, it's a bead maze as well so your toddler will spend lots of time moving the bright beads up and down, around and over!

This great toddler toy will help your little one develop hand eye coordination, small motor skills, and problem solving skills.

Heard enough? No, because you haven't heard the price. It's ONLY $31.99 at right now!

Toddlers will be so engaged with this bead maze that you may even get a few minutes to relax! 

See the Multi-Activity Bead Maze by Melissa & Doug in more detail.  
On Sale for only $31.99 right now. Retails elsewhere for $39.99 and up.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dr Toy's "Smart Play Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child with a High PQ (play quotient)

Dr. Toy's Smart Play Smart Toys is a wonderfully engaging book that focuses on the importance of play, how to choose appropriate toys, and how to enhance a child's play experience!
What parent isn't looking to provide his child with the best start in life? Dr. Toy's book take a very thorough look at a child's shows you how to be a Play Guide so that your child makes the very most of play time. Dr Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D, better known as Dr. Toy, has spent 30 years working in the toys and children's services fields. She is trained in education, psychology, and special education. Through Dr. Toy's Guide and website at, Dr. Toy evaluates and reports on toys and children's products. Her enthusiasm for her subject matter is obvious! I enjoyed this book a great deal and there is so much to comment on I am going to have to just recap some highlights! If you have a child in your home I strongly suggest purchasing this book. Smart Play Smart Toys will:
  • Change your thinking about your child's play
  • Encourage you to and show you how to expand your child's skills
  • Give you information about how your child learns
  • Provide helpful guides to choosing toys
  • Provide toy suggestions from birth to 12 years
  • Give you toy suggestions for children with special needs
  • Provide an extensive (perhaps all inclusive!) list of fun things to play with and create with your child. I even found a few items on that list that we're going to try!
  • One thing you may not have thought about is the assortment of toys you have for your child. You may be too focused on one type of toy, thus not exposing your child to toys that would develop and strengthen completely different skills in your child. Dr. Toy's comments on this made me inspect our toy boxes! For example, Dr. Toy points out that SOFT TOYS help your child develop emotional skills, BOOKS strengthen her mentally, PUSH and PULL TOYS strengthen her physically, FINGER and WATER PAINTS strengthen her creatively.
  • Dr. Toy's book shows you how to create a playful environment to enhance your child's total development
  • This book explains how having fun with your child while playing reduces stress, improves communication, and helps build a happier family
  • Dr. Toy provides a checklist of must-have toys for each stage of development.
  • An expert in special education, Dr. Toy devotes part of her book to toys for children with special needs. This section includes a list of resources as well.
Here is an excerpt from Smart Play Smart Toys by Dr. Toy that I particularly enjoyed:
Dr.Toy's Checklist to Help Your Child Make the Best Use of Toys and Play Products:
  • Allow your child to discover the toy and explore it fully. Do not interfere, even when he makes "mistakes," unless frustration sets in
  • Rotate the toys your child plays with to avoid his becoming bored.
  • Check on toys frequently to be sure nothing is broken
  • Create a space for your child to have his own play area.
  • Give your child time to replace the toys he has used.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of toy types and other play products
  • Be careful that there are not too many playthings out which may confuse the child
  • Encourage your offspring to balance play with time to read and exercise.
  • Be a playmate when it fits, and nourish communication skills.
  • If your child is going to play with a board game, be sure he understands the rules of the game. This is a perfect time for you both to play and talk with each other.
  • If batteries are required, be sure they are on hand and operating. Test them. Show your child how to turn off the toy if it does not do that automatically.
  • Have fun together every day and enjoy her unique gifts. Notice and appreciate your child's creative use of toys.

Wow! and that's only 1 page of the 245 page book! Get a copy of Smart Play Smart Toys Today and help your child get the very most out of play time! You won't be sorry. In fact, your whole family will benefit :)

Learn More About Dr. Toy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Automoblox Minis 3 pack

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winner will be contacted shortly!

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Basic Entry (MUST do this one):
Go to and pick one OTHER product your child would love. Put that in your comment for 1 entry per day. Your comment should say something like "Our family would love to have the play food ice cream set". To create a comment you must click the link at the bottom of this post where it says "XX Comments" (where XX is the number of comments, ie. "70 comments") or "Post a Comment."
Bonus Entries:

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It is very important that each entry has a separate comment. That means 5 comments with your order number if you place an order :) Any combination entries will only count as 1 entry.

Entries that do not follow the stated instructions will not be counted as entries. Please email if you have any questions about entering this contest. We are happy to help you!

*Anonymous Entries will NOT be accepted UNLESS your email address is included in your post. We have to be able to contact you if you win. If your profile is private or there is any other reason we can not contact you, your prize will be forfeited 48 hours after the drawing and a new winner will be chosen.

We trust you but...if you win for an entry that says, for example, that you're following us on Twitter, and you're not, your prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen.
Accepting entries thru midnight June 17, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NEW Rody Horses by Gymnic

AWARD WINNING: ASTRA Best-For-Kids Toy List for 2007, Creative Child Magazine – Preferred Choice Award for 2007 and 2006, TDmonthly Classic Award Gymnic's Rody Horse is a favorite with children as they learn balancing and coordination while hopping on their Rody. Used in Therapy with special needs children, Rody Horse is loved due to its softness and ride-on qualities. Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl, inflates according to size and weight of child with a hand or foot pump. Rody Horses are available in red, blue, pink, lime and orange! Maximum inflated height to “saddle” is 12 inches. 100 lb weight limit. Educational Value: Great for developing large motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, better posture, less stress and balance as well as just plain fun! For Ages: 3 years and up $49.95 SHOP Rody Horses Now!
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