Friday, February 26, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Automoblox Wooden Toy Cars

Automoblox Wooden Toy Cars are some of our very favorite toys at Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Buy Automoblox Wooden Cars:
  1. Mix n Match: Automoblox cars are meant to be mixed and matched to make new car creations! Interchange the wheels, hood, and body and make something entirely new!
  2. Solid wood body: Every Automoblox car has a solid wood body! That's right, it's solid! Go ahead and be rough with their cars. They are built to withstand active play!
  3. The style: each car is designed with a fantastic sense of style. The cool lines, interesting colors and accents are exceptionally appealing to both kids and adults!
  4. MINIS: The full size cars are fantastic but the Automoblox MINIS are wonderful for on the go kids! Grab 2 or 3 on the way to Grandma's and your child won't need anything else to play with. YES, the minis can be mixed and matched with other minis!
  5. NEW Automoblox: Automoblox has introduced some "hot" new cars this year - Hot Rods! It seems to us that Automoblox gets better and better each year. Coming Soon!
Don't think that Automoblox cars are just for boys. Boys AND Girls alike love Automoblox cars. In fact, Automoblox makes a full size pink car and a mini pink car! If you haven't tried Automoblox cars yet for your child, you are missing out on a high quality toy with tons of play value. Please buy at least 2 because without the mix and match feature they're just really nice looking wooden cars. But, with the mix and match ability, it's a whole new ride!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Wooden Easel & Accessories from Melissa & Doug

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This giveaway is now closed! We are contacting the winner now :)

Purchase the Wooden Easel by Melissa & Doug Purchase the Easel Companion Set WIN IT! WIN IT! WIN IT! WIN IT!
Basic Entry (MUST do this one):
Go to and pick one OTHER product your child would love. Put that in your comment for 1 entry per day. Your comment should say something like "Our family would love to have the play food ice cream set". To create a comment you must click the link at the bottom of this post where it says "Comments" or "Post a Comment" (beneath the words Good Luck!).

Bonus Entries:

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NOTES: It is very important that each entry has a separate comment. That means 5 comments with your order number if you place an order :) Any combination entries will only count as 1 entry.

Entries that do not follow the stated instructions will not be counted as entries. Please email if you have any questions about entering this contest. We are happy to help you! *Anonymous Entries will NOT be accepted UNLESS your email address is included in your post. We have to be able to contact you if you win. If your profile is private or there is any other reason we can not contact you, your prize will be forfeited 48 hours after the drawing and a new winner will be chosen.

We trust you but...if you win for an entry that says, for example, that you're following us on Twitter, and you're not, your prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

Accepting entries thru midnight March 12, 2010

Purchase the Wooden Easel by Melissa & Doug Purchase the Easel Companion Set


Friday, February 19, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 Highlights Part III

Haba toys: Our favorite NEW wooden rattles (coming soon!)
Haba Toys has continued to expand its Biofino line of soft food toys and we love them! Coming Soon!
Hape' Toys has lots of new wooden toys that we adore!
Check out these NEW Bamboo wooden toy racers! They are called e-racers because they're eco -friendly!

Toy Fair 2010 Highlights Part II

Automoblox: (COMING SOON!) Automoblox are one of our very favorite wooden toys. First, the look of these vehicles will capture your attention, and then you look closer and realize their body is made of solid wood! Beautiful design with mix and match function make this toy a winner for any preschool child or older! This year Automoblox has introduced new minis and new full size Automoblox vehicles that we just love! All will be arriving soon! Automoblox T900 Truck: Look at this design. The chrome looks amazing. Just a HOT vehicle! Comes full size and as a mini! Automoblox Hot Rod Minis: Woohoo! 3 Hot rod minis in 1 package! There are also 3 hot rod minis in different colors that are sold separately. What more can I say? Blue Orange Games: (COMING SOON!) One thing we love about Blue Orange is that they make FUN games for preschool children... and they're wooden! They continue to put out adorable new games for kids year after year and this year was no exception with PIGZUp! Stack the little piggies in the right order as fast as you can! Guidecraft: (COMING SOON!) We're so glad that Guidecraft started carrying more toys! Some standouts were: 4 in 1 Dramatic Play Theater: Awesome idea! The honey-oak stained wood theater frame holds interchangeable panels that quickly and easily create a different dramatic play world. Two separate panels with different themes on either side set the stage. Themes include: Post Office, Puppet Theater, Doctor's Office and Diner. All in 1 Play Kitchen: Full of details that enhance play value and lead to hours of fun: a fridge with shelf and write-on, wipe-off marker board; a sink; a microwave; an oven with pull-out rack; a dishwasher: open and closed storage; a clock with moveable hands; a wall phone, and more. For Dolls: Solid Wood Bunkbeds & Table and Chairs Set: comes in natural or espresso Mirror Blocks Set: for use with unit blocks. A great compliment to a set of unit blocks and a great addition to their other unit block accessory sets! Block Toppers: Set of 8 block play signs. Sized to fit standard unit blocks. Set of eight includes: Post Office, Fire Station, Hospital, Police Station, Airport, Fruit Stand, School and Gas Station. Wood Laptop: Their very own pretend play laptop features a real QWERTY keyboard layout, moveable keys, and a mirrored acrylic screen Block Cart with Chalkboard: Features heavy duty casters, a sliding front panel for easy storage and unloading, and a chalk board front panel for incorporating writing or drawing into creative block play. Mini Hollow Blocks: Sized to standard unit-block construction. Sort and Match Pattern Blocks: The perfect way to teach color and shape matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern recognition in a fun, game-like setting

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 Highlights Part I

I just got back from Toy Fair 2010 in NYC and I had a great time! It's wonderful to see all the new toys, thousands all in one place! It's my favorite time of the year. I'm like a kid in a candy store :) Except for having to haul home about 100 catalogs, it was all fun! Some toys are available quickly and others won't be available for months, but here's a preview of what you'll be seeing in the coming months at
Alex Toys You can always count on Alex for creativity! Our favorite toys are their "Little Hands" collection of toy and craft kits made especially for younger children. Again this year they have added to this line with some wonderful new options and added toys to their other collections as well. Our favorite NEW Alex Toys (COMING SOON!):

Yum Yum Crafty Fun! Tissue paper art that makes tasty looking treats!

Ready, Set, Cut: Pre-made crafts that require cutting! Practice makes perfect, and easy, with this fabulous scissor that doesn't get stuck when pressed down!
String a Treat: A fun lacing toy full of special treats!

String My ABC's: What a great idea for a lacing toy...ABC's!
Foil Bead Maker: Fantastic for small motor skills and makes beautiful foil jewelry. Great item! Felt Picnic: Make your own felt food!

Glam Her: Soft doll that you can decorate, dress, and make glamorous!

Monster Bingo: Traditional bingo game with a fun monster theme! Key Crayons: Clacking keys that are actually crayons! Paper Weaving: Get great results with this fun paper weaving set. My Pretty Mosaic: Mosaics for little ones. This one is for girls. Zoom Zoom Mosaic: Mosaics for little ones. This one is for boys. Crafty Fashion Pets: Dress up these animals and make them fashionable! Cap It Off Jewelry: Great looking bottle cap jewelry!

Complete Kitchen: The name says it all!

Stack a Cake: A sweet, soft, stacking toy with crinkle, bell and rattle!

I Can Cook: Little ones will love to fill and spill food with this soft play set.

Rattle and Sound: A fun, flexible, manipulative toy for babies!
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