Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunny Patch for Your Spring Garden & How to Plant One!

How to Make a Children's Garden Gardening with Mom or Dad is a long-term project that reaps great rewards. Nurturing plants and sharing the "fruits" of your labor are great confidence builders for little ones! To make sure this first foray into gardening is successful for your child, try the following steps: 1. Choose plants that mature quickly. As you know, children have short attention spans. You'll keep them the most interested when they see results quickly! Large seeds, such as beans, cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini are easiest to plant and sprout quickly. Radishes are the quickest to grow, but the seeds are small. Cherry tomatoes are a good choice too because they produce loads of bite-size treats that children can pick and eat straight from their garden. 2. Give your child a separate plot that is all his own. A 3 foot by 3 foot plot should be fine for a preschool child. Having his own garden will give him ownership now, and pride later! 3. Decide on the layout of your plants. Try using a wagon-wheel design to make it easy to water and pick the plants later. Otherwise, remember to leave a walking path. 4. Prepare the soil by turning it over using shovels. Then use a gardening rake to pick out any large stones or roots that should be removed. 5. Plant the seeds. 6. Water the new seedlings according to the seed instructions. 7. Check the garden every day and celebrate every new growth. 8. Enjoy the bounty of your hard work! Don't forget fun projects along the way such as making stepping stones, a garden sign, and plant markers! Sunny Patch is an imaginative world filled with whimsical, adorable characters boys and girls will love. With their Sunny Patch friends to help guide them, children are inspired to learn about and appreciate all living things. Melissa & Doug's Sunny Patch brand has been thoughtfully designed to encourage kids and families to find new and enjoyable ways of exploring their world together, while bringing a spirit of playfulness to everyday activities. Young gardeners will be delighted with real tools they can use! Child-sized and made to last, these tools and accessories feature durable construction and bright, Sunny Patch colors.

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