Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

6 Reasons for Calling Buildling Blocks the Greatest Toy of All Time

When was the last time you shopped for toys? It's hard to miss that toys have changed a great deal from your own childhood. Yes, some changes are wonderful like incorporating music and sounds with computer chips, and the advent of electronic educational toys like Leap Frog. However, on the whole if you shop in most toy stores, you're sure to see aisle upon aisle of toys that have a predefined purpose. There seem to be fewer and fewer open-ended toys. The beauty of play is that a child uses his toys for expermentation and to try to better understand his world. In order for a child to use his imagination, the toy should have the ability to "become" whatever is in his mind. With this in mind I bring you 6 Reasons for Calling Building Blocks the Great Toy of All Time: 1. It's the ultimate open-ended toy. Whether it's a wooden toy block set, a cardboard brick set, or plastic blocks set, the basic plain shape of a block lends itself to "become" anything a child can imagine. Is it a car, or the wall of a house, or a sled? Yes, it's all those things and unlimited other things too. It's whatever your child can imagine. 2. Blocks are age appropriate for almost any child. That's because there are so many different varieties of building blocks. A child as small as 6 months old can enjoy playing with a soft set of blocks. Some sets of blocks for babies even have Velcro to make it easier for them to build. You can also introduce your child to wooden blocks with a set of wooden ABC blocks. Young children enjoy looking at the familiar pictures and have fun knocking down towers you've built for them. A toddler will love soft blocks like EduBlocks. They are similar to giant Lego's but they are softer. This makes them less dangerous when thrown or knocked down and lighter to build with. The interlocking nature gives a toddler satisfaction because the pieces stay put once they're stacked. No more leaning towers or prematurely crumbling castles. They are also sturdy enough to sit and stand on. An 18 month old can easily build a train, car, or seat with these blocks. Unit Blocks can be introduced to children of 3 years old. At that age they'll love stacking the blocks and building fun structures. After unit blocks your child may like a nice set of tabletop blocks. These are smaller wooden blocks that don't take up as much room and require fine motor skills. A child who is 6 years old will enjoy architectural buidling blocks. These blocks have specific design elements that identify them as part of a culture or artistic movement. For example, Haba's Russian Blocks shown in the image to the right. 3. Blocks can ALSO be used with structured play. Some things you can do with blocks include sorting, stacking, sizing, nesting, and counting. How many toys can do all that AND be open-ended too? 4. Building blocks use both large motor skills and small motor skills. Larger blocks require the use of large motor muscles to collect and stack. Balancing one block atop another requires small motor skills using the hands and fingers. Children keep exercising these motor skills over and over again with enjoyment. The repetition improves these skills. 5. Blocks can be used by one child or many children at once. A large set of Unit Blocks can occupy several children at one time and allows small children to learn how to play together and cooperate. 6. Staying Power - If you pull out a set of blocks 5 years from now your child will reach for them and start building! It's an interest that spans many, many years and doesn't exclude adults. So the next time you're off to Grandma's house pack just one toy, the greatest toy of all time, a set of blocks. Visit GummyLump.com to shop for building blocks
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