Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Steps to Choosing a Toy Your Baby Will Love

How do I pick a toy? How do I know which ones he'll like? We hear these question quite often so here are some simple guidelines to help you choose a toy your child will be interested in for a good long time.
The best way to determine what will be the best toy is to consider your child's current interests and abilities.
Just the other day I was reading a post from a Mom who said she thinks her 9 month old daughter is bored with playing with the toys she has. She wanted some advice as to what toys would be good for her daughter.
In her post she mentioned several activities that her daughter likes: pulling herself up on chairs and furniture, crawling, grabbing for things, and finding things she can hold. Voila! What other information do you need? None!
Here's what I suggested:
1. When shopping for baby toys make sure you're choosing toys that are truly intended for babies. How do you know? Check the label and make sure the manufacturer's recommended age is in line with the child you're making the purchase for.
2. A child of 9 months has lots of capabilities and wants to explore like crazy. My first choice would be a pull toy. Pull toys have a string attached to them so that the baby can reach out and grab the string and pull it toward them. This may sound simple, but to a baby of this age it is monumental. They are learning to control and manipulate their world. The most popular pull toys include blocks in a wagon and animal pull alongs.
3. A 9 month old child also enjoys grabbing objects. A great toy choice would be a soft plush ball. These often have a rattle, bell, or chime inside for further interest. Baby will have fun grabbing it, rolling it (maybe even accidentally)

To recap, when choosing a toy for your child keep 3 things in mind:

1. Check the age recommendation by the manufacturer 2. Consider what your child already likes to do and look for a toy that mimics that behavior 3. Choose a toy that not only does the thing your child likes but offers even more! For example, a soft ball WITH a bell or rattle in it, a pull toy that's ALSO a set of blocks or a peek a boo toy that ALSO makes sounds (like a jack in the box!).

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