Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Going to be NEW This Year?

Great question! Well, as you know we just got back from Toy Fair last week. It was a great trip...always is! There are a few companies and products that we are especially excited about. Here is one that's coming soon. My stomach is growling just looking at the photo!

Learning Resources "Smart Snacks" series and play food. The "Smart Snacks" are really exciting and they're age appropriate and safe for children 2 years and up! That's great news for Moms who are always agonizing over buying something 3 Years and up for a young child who is very interested in play food! This series contains quite a few different toys, but each is a learning toy as well as a fun play food toy. For example, their Sorting Shapes Cupcakes (shown left) not only look fabulous but each cupcake is also a sorting toy! Look at the cupcake base!

Now that looks like some mouth watering fun! How can you go wrong with cupcakes that are also an educational toy?? Where were these great toys when we were kids?? Look for "Smart Snacks" at soon!

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