Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Spring Crafts for Kids

by Stephanie from A Grande Life

If you are on the East Coast, you are probably longing for Spring. I know I am! I can't wait to see the flowers break through the ground and see the sun shining! To help get Spring on your mind, here are 12 easy Spring Crafts for Kids.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Space Explorers Rocket Ship Craft

by Colleen of Sugar Aunts

Do you have a few little ones in your house who love all things space?  This rocket ship craft was a big hit in our house and we've been playing space explorers a lot lately.  A few recycled materials and some crafting supplies are all you need to create a rocket ship that will last for hours of pretend play!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Post Office Play for Kids

by Alvina of There's Magic Out There

Since We had been making Valentines and sending them out we have been talking quite a bit about the Mail system here. My kiddo always wondered how the mailman brought us mail and knew it was for us. Especially more so now that he sees his name on mail and knows its for him. So we had a lesson on the Post Office. 

Taking out some Storytelling paper I asked my son to draw a picture and write a letter for a loved one to mail.

We then talked about how you address a Letter. How on the envelope you use for your letter you need a stamp, Your address and the address of the loved one who you are sending it to. I showed him where everything went just like this. 

I made a quick Happy Message on the back and off to the mailbox it went! 
Using our mailbox pretend Play set I practiced letter writing and sending mail with my kiddo. I showed him where the stamp went on the toys and  most importantly how a Mailbox isn't just for receiving mail but also can be used for sending Mail. How you just lift up the attached flag to signal to the Mailman that there are letters inside that need to be picked up. 

I also told him about the post office and how there mail is sorted and sent off in various directions depending on the zipcodes of the mail. He thought it was funny when I told him how Mail use to travel by people on horses before vehicles and he loved the idea! 

Pretend Play with mail can be great as a sorting activity, letter learning activity, sight word activity and more! There are endless possibilities that can all be just as fun as educational. Hope to see you sending more letters! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tooth Fairy Box for Kids

by Amanda from Artsy Momma for

Has the tooth fairy been to your house yet? We decided to make a special place for the tooth fairy to come visit since Big Brother has been worried that she wouldn't be able to get his tooth out from below his pillow. I wanted something that was small, sturdy, and could easily be stored without getting wrecked easily. I ordered the kids a Melissa & Doug wooden flower chest craft kit. Looking back now, I wish that I would have ordered one of the flower ones and one of the heart craft kits - it would have been fun to have them each make a different one.

Make a mini wooden storage box for the tooth fairy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Choosing Healthy Food Activity for Kids

by Jennifer of Plain Vanilla Mom
Does your child know the difference between healthy foods and not-so-healthy food? My two year old is still learning. In trying to provide him with a good visual of what healthy food is all about and what eating healthy looks like we came up with the following sorting activity. 

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